In many parts of the world, people are still in quarantine. Public transportation is still not allowed, domestic travel regulations remain strict and everyday mundane things such as walking in the park or jogging should be done with your mask on. 

Things we usually do on a daily basis have either been put off or done little by little. In sports, competitive athletes are greatly affected, too. Imagine going from 15-20 hours of intense training a week to, well, whatever you can manage at home. Your body starts to change. 

The way my client described it was: “My body is in excruciating pain from not being pushed.” 

When you’re so used to doing something and suddenly you’re forced to change your routine or lifestyle abruptly, it hurts physically, emotionally and mentally. 

"It’s 10x harder to get started than it is to keep going," he continued. 

On the brightside, our online sessions help them cope with lethargy as we share a different perspective. Afterall, this is our new normal. Going to the gym makes a lot of difference. Running by and for yourself is taking a whole new way to train one’s brain. I tell them to pay attention to their own metrics and get excited about competing with themselves. This is one way to keep them motivated. 

As some of them start to show signs of depression, it’s very important to listen. I know it is situational in many cases but that doesn’t make it less of my concern. 

Do you play sports, too? How is it going for you? 

As a non-athlete, what activities of yours have been greatly affected due to this crisis? How are you coping? Let us know in the comments below.