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How to Improve Your Energy Levels

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
As we get older there is a change in our hormones levels that can affect the energy levels in the body. But even then low energy levels that reduce with age means that you don't have the hyper activity of a 13 year old. If you constantly feel tired and out-of-it even when you haven't done much all day should make you get concerned. Maybe its a calling to make that lifestyle change before it translates into some health issues. We give you some easy to follow steps that can help clean your system internally, regulate your metabolism and spike your energy levels naturally.Apples & Strawberry (Cr/free digital)Based on a simple philosophy of eat well and exercise, this is how you can do it too:Balanced Meal: Eating a heavy meal or stuffing till the time we feel loaded gives a sleepy feeling. Ensure your meal are dominated by fresh seasonal vegetables and pulses. This will not only give the right nutrition for your body but will also detox your system simultaneously. Vitamins and minerals accelerate the basic chemical reactions in the body for various functions. Low intake of vitamin and minerals affects the immune system which slows down the body metabolism and shows decline in energy levels. Eat fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals and keep a faster body metabolism.Water: Sometimes feeling thirsty can be a reason for lowered levels of energy. If you are dehydrated then you will feel fatigued and lack energy. Keeping the body hydrated will keep the metabolism high and faster digestion of food in the body. Drink plenty of water to keep energy levels high. Sometimes drinking too much coffee or tea also leads to dehydration. Avoid as much caffeine as you can. Instead switch to green tea for all its health benefits.Sleep: Another reason that is often neglected is sleep. Maybe you are getting disturbed or not enough sleep resulting in a over worked mind & body. Sleep is essential as its the time when the body relaxes and repairs itself. Make sure you get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep. Avoid heavy meals or drinking just before sleep.Exercise: If you are inactive then weak muscle can slow you down in doing basic movements where you will feel tired very quickly. Doing  exercise improves blood flow in body and builds muscles to provide greater strength and energy to do work more efficiently. If you have never exercised before even then its never too late. Start with walking and then add different forms of exercise to help you get fitter. Or just start playing a sport to add some kind of physical activity to your routine.

Energy Drink Which Is Actually Healthy!

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
These days a lot of people for better health, higher energy, more strength and fitness are, adding health drinks in their diet to improve their daily nutrition intake. We have put together a simple analysis on which are the popular health drinks in the market and which one is the healthiest energy drink of the lot. The three most popular health energy drink brands are horlicks, bournvita and complan. All of them claim to enhance growth, provide added nutrition and even promoted as meal replacement option as they carry sufficient nutrition to compensate for a single meal.Reading the nutrition label of the best selling health energy drinks we found that the base of all the three health drinks are nearly same when compared to their carbohydrate, fat and sugar value. We require carbohydrates for energy, protein for muscle building, fat for basic functions etc. The health drinks contain a large number of vitamins and minerals which improve the cell functions in the body. Below are the nutrition content of horlicks, bournvita and complanComplan: Milk protein – 18 gms; Fat – 11 gms; Carbohydrate – 62 gms of which sucrose is 27 gm.Bournvita: Protein – 7 gms; Fat – 2 gms; Carbohydtare- 84 gms of which sugar is 70.3 gm.Horlicks: Fat – 2 gms; Carbohydtare- 79.2 gms of which sugar is 13.5 gm.The major portion of the health drink is carbohydrates that easily breakdown in our bodies to provide energy. The carbohydrates can be simple sugar like sucrose and glucose which instantly breakdown in our body to produce energy. Bournvita has highest amount of sugar and carbohydrates in total. Though each health drink is fortifies with important vitamins and minerals like iron, b vitamins, vitamin a, d and e which has various functions in the body is is beneficial. Horlicks contains the least sugar as compared to other healthy energy drink and contains fiber of the grain which is healthy for the stomach.Things need to be notedThese energy drinks are mostly consumed with milk and carry sufficient amount of fortified nutrition. Even though they highlight the vitamins and minerals on the packaging in reality carbohydrate is the major component of these health drinks. People who are looking to lose weight should avoid health drinks and look for more natural foods like fruits and vegetables which are packed with vitamins and minerals and are low in calories as compared to any other food.Bottom LineWe require only 4 teaspoon of sugar in day and anything above it gets stored as fat in our body. Carbohydrates also convert into glucose and provide energy to the body. Extra sugar in our diet increases blood sugar levels in the body reducing insulin activity and leading to long term health hazards and metabolic disorder like diabetes etc. Sugar leads to heart problems, weight gain and causes multiple problems in the body.So if you're really adding any of these powder in your milk, be specific with the proportion. Unheaped single teaspoon without added sugar is the best way to have it.

Tips To Improve Your Energy Levels!

Dr. Swapan Banerjee, Dietitian/Nutritionist
Be Fit by FATS & OILS - Please note that omega -6 fatty acid based oils are always very essential for all. Although Omega -3 fatty acids based oils/fat are also required in a particular proportion.This information Is very important,  mainly for cardiac patients.You therefore go for unsaturated ones like mustard oil,sunflower oil as liquid fats not saturated fats like Butter,Ghee,Margarine.  Be Fit by EXERCISES - Do you know, along with proper diet some basic EXERCISE is how important?Basic Exercises means simple walking 2-4 kms or light cycling for half an hour. If you are going to Gym for body building then you need  more work out free hand as well as instrumental.There are some immediate benefits once you practice doing exercises:1. Increases HDL cholesterol i.e good cholesterol.2. Makes heart more stronger3. Reduces Blood pressure.4. Increase bone density i.e calcium deposition & help for old age.5. Lot of energetic & happy,dynamic enough rather no depression.6. Can maintain excess belly fat ..i.e your tummy which is always a reason of good jokes by public.7. Maintain your skin & skin color ,freshness of eyes, avoiding hairs for being fallen & more like these.Your Daily Nutrition &  Low Cost Diet at homeYour meal should contain per day all the nutrients in just required amount (may be a bit more/less) & in proper proportions. Normally a person needs 50-55% carbohydrate + 10 -15% protein + 20-25% both visible fats like oil added from outside during cooking & invisible like some fats already present inside the foods/ingredients eaten by you regularly.For example: if you are a 60 kg. Man then you need 2300 kcal/day energy. Now you have take 300gm carbohydrate like rice/roti + 60 gm protien like fish/egg (animal) soya/dal/rajmah etc.(plant) + 25gm visible fat (cooking oil) along with 600mg/d calcium & 17gm iron within normal foods. Pl note. All calculated per day within your taken food. And for woman: 55kg by same age - 1900kcam/d energy where she needs - 240gm cho + 55gm pro.+ 20gm visible fat along with little more calcium & iron.For gastric problems in general you take water after 5 mins of your each meal. Take fresh water,plenty fruits & max servings of vegetables,sour curd around daily - its really helpful.Wish you all a healthy life

Effects of Energy & Soft Drinks

Dr. Pawan Sharma, Dentist
Previous scientific research findings have helped to warn consumers that the pH (potential of hydrogen) levels in beverages such as soda could lead to tooth erosion, the breakdown of tooth structure caused by the effect of acid on the teeth that leads to decay. However, the pH level of soft drinks isn't the only factor that causes dental erosion. A beverage's "buffering capacity," or the ability to neutralize acid, plays a significant role in the cause of dental erosion. Popular energy drinks also cause tooth erosion.Clinical Featurefigure 1 Effects of soft drinks ....teethAcid Versus Enamel:-It is well known by the medical profession that disease loves acid,2 and this is particularly true of dental caries.Dental caries, by definition, is tooth demineralization caused by acidic-byproducts of the bacterial fermentation of dietary sugars. The resulting caries lesion involves gradual demineralization of subsurface enamel and dentin, leaving the outer 20- to 50-micrometer-thick surface preserved more or less intact.3 With the consumption of acidic, carbohydrate-rich soft drinks,teenagers are at high risk for caries development,which can be quite aggressive (Figure 1). Eight- to 17-year-old children are at greatest risk. Normally, as the young, immature enamel is bathed by salivary ions and the intercrystallinespaces fill, it becomes progressively harder and more mature. Mature enamel appears as a very dense, less penetrable, glassy hard structure that is fairly resistant to acid attack.However, enamel maturation takes time. The newly erupted enamel in teenagers is immature, and the crystalline structure is porous, chalky, and easily penetrated and dissolved by acids.4 Even in the absence of carbohydrates,soft drinks can be destructive to teeth. These acidic, or lowpH, beverages can contribute to the demineralization of dental hard tissues.Dental erosion is the loss of tooth structure by a chemical process not involving bacteria.5 Initially,enamel will demineralize and dissolve, with the surface appearing dull. Acids can also enter the pits  of enamel and cause subsurface structure loss.6 The solubility of hydroxyapatite increases logarithmic-ally with decreasing pH.Erosion may be caused by either intrinsic or extrinsic sources. The intrinsic causes have been documented to include cases of anorexia nervosa and bulimia, as well as any gastrointestinal disorder that involves increased outputs of gastric acids. Extrinsic sources include acidic medicines such as vitamin C and aspirin, aerosol acid chemicals in the work environment, or the frequent consumption of acid food stuffs or drinks.Simple pH monitors have shown that all types of soft drinks are very acidic,especially the colas, which can have a pH of 2.4 or less . In order to neutralize a glass of cola, it takes 32glasses of high pH alkaline water.2 Exposure of enamel to Coca-Cola® for one hour leads to significant reduction in  ,and scanning electron microscopic evaluation has revealed surface irregularities.ConclusionAs you may imagine, although the erosion and caries processes are as different as their histological appearance,the two conditions occurringcon currently could be deleterious to dental hard tissues. As dental professsionals,we need to educate our patients about the consequences of soft drink consumption and provide suggestions to minimize the risk.We also need to be active in educating school administrators on the negative impact soft drinks have on students’teeth.The place where children spend agre at portion of their day and where they are influenced greatly by their surroundingsis their school. Schools are therefore the most suitable environment to provide health information tochildren in order to achieve the goal ofhealth promotion programs. It isquite a contradiction to teach principlesof good nutrition in health education,then adjourn the class to thereality that the children have highaccessibility to soft drinks right outsidethe classrooms

World Food Day & Road Safety Day on Same Day-Today.

Dr. Neelam Nath Bhatia, General Physician
Do Not Drink and Drive- Is written on most of the heavy vehicles as a lesson to driver or the passer by ?Doctors recommend alcohol for heart patients - True or False. It depends upon the school of thought the person belongs to and the study one believes in- one study says yes another study says No.Make up your mind and remember that excess of everything is Bad.Do not leave Food in plate , have a helping enough to eat , not to splurge.More than half of food produced by hard working farmer is wasted due to transportation, left overs, greed of traders , hoarding of onions and tomatoes leading to rot vegetables in places where they are stored to be sold at a higher price. Fasting is bad for health,so is feasting.Recently a 13 years old girl died due to fasting for more than 50 days. The matter is religious in nature but people are annoyed.Girls are taught to show delicacy while eating , leaving few morsels as left overs. If they do so in Germany , they would be fined for wasting food.Know your self and eat accordingly.Eat according to Constitution,Job profile & Must be familiar with own metabolism.About Road safety , police fines for Not Wearing a Helmet or not with a seat belt.Why ?It is our life and it is for our safety.Many SUVs are having seat belts for persons on the back seat but very few are aware about it.If there are 3 seats , the cars do have a Belt for person sitting in the middle , besides for each one on either side.Trauma and impact can be as bad for every one in the car.Never let the babies ride along with mother clinging along with her while she is driving. It invites heavy fines in USA but women do not care about safety of kid Eat Fresh foods , locally grown with minimum time spent on transportation.Save Food for the sake of hard working farmer, for the sake of own heart & Do Not Drink & Drive.Help Police without Fines being Imposed on us for our own safety.Be an enlightened citizen & remain cool on heavy roads with road blocks and traffic jams.Road rage is due to Attitudes & Us & Roads + lots of vehicles on roads are Not due to usTake care.

6 Differences Between Romance & Marriage..!!

Ms. Sneha Bhat, Psychologist
 We crave for Love in one form or the other. Romance is something everyone goes gaga over. Bollywood & many other woods sustain because of our fairy tale notion of romance & its natural successor, the marriage. Most of those overblown entertainers conveniently forget to show the story after Love & Marriage. So it’s very natural to assume that it’s next to a sin to marry someone for any other reason than Love. Specially to arrange a marriage, seems like a far fetched idea..!! At this point, we are in a hurry to fall in Love so that we can settle in a marriage. Concept of getting into arranged marriage worries us.  Is it really something to worry about..?? Is the marriage out of Love more successful than the arranged marriages..?? Research says it isn't. Reported success rate of both sort of marriages are surprisingly same. Let’s see how Romance need not be linked to Marriage in spite of popular understanding & expectations..!!1. Conscious Efforts of Lovers Vs. Adjustment with Unconscious Patterns When anyone falls in Love, he or she is super conscious about the way they behave. We want to do everything right for the partner. We take extra pain to explore the person we love and go an extra mile to ensure that things are perfect & romantic. We put in all sort of efforts to be totally in the moment & make the moments wonderful. So, when we are in Love, our Lover seems like the most perfect person in the world. In Marriage we have a slightly different story. In marriage we tend to expose every part of us to the partner. We show the exact way of life we are accustomed to lead so far. We do not weigh or sensor our behaviour or reactions for long and just let our already built patterns & habits take over. In this mode we become the pleasure seeking and pain reducing commoner, who himself/herself is unconscious of most of his/her autopilot way of Life. Now the task is of 2 individuals to understand & accommodate each other when they hardly understand themselves, through each other..!!2. Exploring the Exciting Side for Variety Vs. Establishing StabilityWhen we are romancing; we are inclined to explore the funny, adventurous & caring side of ours. Lovers will have something or the other to talk about even at 3.0 am. Exchanging the sweet nothings becomes a routine. Even the silence between them seems charged. It turns out pleasurable to be doing something for the other & bestow love through multiple gestures. Hence romance is about exploration, that too of the exciting side of oneself & the partner to enjoy variety. Marriage requires for the couple to create a common ground between two people who are different in many ways. It is an anxious task in the beginning to give up on some of the long established habits to make way for a common lifestyle. So marriage becomes a process of accommodation between two people with the primary intent of establishing stability. Once stability is established in one particular way; out of many choices available, couple does not usually explore further & disturb the calm.3. Ingredients of Attraction & Caring Vs. Understanding & CommunicationBoth love & marriage require their own ingredients to happen & sustain. Romance is about intimacy more than anything else. Intimacy is the outcome of realization about the acceptance from the other person for different aspects of one. Romance sustains when there is an attraction between a couple who deeply care for each other. Hence main ingredients of Love are attraction & caring. As the marriage is about partners having each other’s back & growing together, it needs partners to understand each other. Understanding is a complex process. Though one might understand few things about oneself, he/she understands many things about him/her through partner either through interaction or through observations from partner. So it becomes detrimental for partners to have an effective & continuous communication channel in place. Hence key ingredients of marriage are understanding & communication.4. Expectations from oneself Vs. Expectations from PartnerWhen you fall in Love, other person becomes the center of your universe. You naturally will be doing anything & everything to show your Love. You are curious to find out the interests & strengths of the person you love, hence you experiment. Overall you tend to have more expectations from yourself than from the partner leading to you, feeling good about yourself & the relationship. In marriage you settle down with another person & relax. As the other person can see your most honest & comfortable self, you start expecting the other person to understand you exactly the way you understand yourself. In the process you forget that the other person is not your replica. That, other person had a different upbringing, carries different set of beliefs, has different expectations, possesses different frame of mind & most importantly can see those parts of you, which you express but do not yet know. In marriage you expect the partner to understand, to adjust, & to care for you; very you, which you yourself hardly understand, accept or care for completely.5. Loving what’s Special Vs. Coping with the OrdinaryWhen you fall in Love, it usually is with what is special & magical in another person. Once you notice appreciable things in partner, you are predisposed to recognize more of what you already thought the other person is. Once any aspect of one is recognized by another, he/she is on a spree to show more of what's appreciated & hence hold on to the image. It’s a constructive loop. Your partner eventually becomes sort of your idol. Hence when you are in Love, you wouldn't fall short of special qualities in partner to worship. In a marriage the other person is already your ally hence you tend to notice the positives as well as negatives in the partner & mostly take positives for granted & mention the negatives so that he/she improves. Even here other person automatically becomes more of what is noticed. This isn't very constructive loop. Your partner seems very ordinary now with many flaws & marriage becomes a process of coping with ordinary.6. Love is a Choice & Marriage is a Commitment..!!Falling & being in love is a choice. Attraction, Lust or even having a crush is instinctive. However love is not an instinctive process. You are in Love because you chose to be in Love. You might not make the choice for all right reasons. You might make the choice out of insecurity. You might be persuaded to make the choice. You might not make the choice due to inhibitions or fear. You might unconsciously give wrong signals. In any case Love is definitely a choice. You have all the freedom in the world to nurture the love or let it shrink. Marriage on the other hand is about committing to be walking with the partner irrespective of situations. Once you marry, you become responsible to nurture the marriage, the way you nurture yourself. You cannot afford to neglect a marriage. In marriage, you become the primary motivator for the partner to build a beautiful Life together. The differences between you both will be something to be bridged & not to be deepened. Commitment helps you understand another person, different from you to expand intimacy and sustain attraction..!!Romance & Marriage belong to different League however Marriage can lead to Romantic Love & More…!!If you are in Love, thank your fortune & put in efforts to stay in Love. If you are in a marriage, focus on taking it one day at a time & make each moment count. You need to stay in present & convert the marriage into romantic love, companionship & more to reap its true benefits. In short you need to implement all the factors of romance, into your marriage intentionally. To fall in love; in marriage, is the best way to make marriage glorious, irrespective of if you were in Love or not before marriage. A great marriage is an outcome of great efforts & the efforts you put in here, is the greatest gift you can give yourself..!!When you look back after decades, at traces of your steps; hopefully they are complimenting another pair which is clear & deep, right beside yours..!!

Protein Energy Malnutrition (Pem) or Serum Albumin Malnutrition (Sem)

Swati Pathak, Pharmacist
Protein energy malnutrition or serum albumin malnutrition refers to a form of malnutrition where there is inadequate intake of calories or proteins. The nutritional problem of a Community, state, or nation are identified by many interrelated studies including data on food production and consumption, morbidity, mortality, level of income and surveys of nutritional status. Malnutrition is an inclusive term that involves the lack, imbalance or excess of one or more of nutrients that are required by the body. It is the world’s most serious nutritional problem and it is fairly common in both children and adults. PEM mostly is associated with diseases which are often found in the elderly people.TYPES OF PEM:KWASHIORKOR (protein malnutrition)MARASMUS (deficiency in calorie intake)MARASMUS KWASHIORKOR (marked protein deficiency and calorie deficiency and sometimes refers to the severe form of malnutrition)CAUSES:PEM is more common in low income countries and sometimes higher income group also affected. This may also occur in children with chronic disease and children who are hospitalized for different diagnosis.MalignancyCardiovascular diseaseCancer diseaseEnd stage renal diseaseGenetic diseasePovertyDiarrheaSYMPTOMS OF PEM:EDEMA (usually severe resulting in a large pot belly and swollen legs & face and muscle wasting)SKIN (especially in the pelvic region and the thighs often become dry and flaky peeling and sometimes ulcerated)HAIR (easily plucked out and takes on a reddish color)Lack of subcutaneous fat and growth retardation.“One of the more striking features of the deficiencies is the profound apathy and general misery of the child, he whimpers but does not cry or scream’’BIOCHEMICAL CHANGES:Fatty infiltration of the liver is usually extensive. The serum level of triglyceride, phospholipids and cholesterol are reduced indicating an inability of the liver to manufacture and release this substance to the circulation.Pancreas reduces the production of Amylase, Lipase and Trypsin.The total serum protein and albumin fraction are reduced thus resulting severe edema and muscle wasting.Hemoglobin levels are low especially if parasitism is also present.Serum vitamin A levels are usually reduced.MANY PROGRAMS ARE BEING LAUNCHED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO CURB MALNUTRITION :Nutrition education trainingMid-day mealFood distribution programSpecial supplemental nutrition programAaganwariDIETARY KNOWLEDGE IS ESSENTIAL:Food mixture that contain sufficient quantities of essential amino acid to meet the growth needs of the child (3-4 gram protein per kilogram)Food is made up of different nutrient needed for health and growth.Protein perform a wide range of function and also provide energy (1 gram protein provides 4 kilocalorie)Animal Protein like meat, milk, fish, egg and plant Protein such as pulses and legumes are rich source of protein.Animal protein are of high quality as they provide all the essential amino acid in right proportion , while plant and vegetable protein are not of the same quality because of their low content of some of the essential amino acid ( Histidine, Lysine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Threonine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine )Include in diet (paneer, tofu, sprouts, jaggery, beetroot, soya bean, soy milk, milk, curd, buttermilk, shakes, pulses and lentils, cereals and millets, meat, fish, egg )“A COMBINATION OF CEREALS , MILLETS AND PULSES PROVIDE MOST OF THE AMINO ACID WHICH COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER TO PROVIDE BETTER QUALITY OF PROTEINS’.’

Dil Mange 'More' Care

Dr. Bharati Gidwani, Ayurveda
‘Heart’ a unique special organ, beats for self & sometimes for OTHERS!The human body is a complex network of organs; which are dependent on each other for their work. Heart plays a key role & is responsible for blood supply to every part of the body. The heart is very personal to every individual! This vital organ is placed safely in the cage of ribs, secured from both sides by the lungs. And irrespective of your desire, it keeps on beating right from your foetal age till death, day and night, without taking a break. To continue this work throughout life it needs utmost care! Prevention of damage is more important to save the originality of this vital organ.Research indicates that STRESS is a major contributing factor for heart diseases. The fast pace life, upcoming new technologies coerce you to cope up on various fronts! Whatever you have achieved today, be it at workplace, job-position, finances etc. can't guarantee your future success! Essentially you need to add-on, put more efforts to keep growing in life. These challenges of life generate stress, which affects heart! And off course for success in life, physical & mental fitness is also important!That’s why in today's stressful world, 'dil mange "more" care' ( taking extra care of heart is necessary).Causes / Predisposing factors for heart disease -StressSmoking/ tobaccoBlood pressure – with higher cholesterol Diabetics are 2-3 %more prone than othersHeredity ‘Type A’ personalityAlcohol  – 75gms /day is inviting heart problemsOral  contraceptive pills in females- prolonged use Others – irregular habits, undisciplined activities etc.Preventive care-Stress control Lifestyle changes , Time managementPrevention therapies e.g.– ayurvedic shirodhara, hrudaybasti etc.Certain herbs,Arjuna, puarnava, trifala -with doctor's adviceYoga, Pranayam & MeditationSo, take care of your very own heart & enjoy all good things of lifeDr. Bharati Gidwani