Today, we will talk about medication doses in Children. According to me, a lot of cases go worse because of carelessness on the parents’ behalf when it comes to medication doses. Especially when it comes to children, medication doses matter a lot. Even a bit of extra enzymes and medicine doses can harm your child.

Still, parents tend to ignore this thought. Dr Neha says, ‘When the doctor suggests 5ml of medicine for your child, go for measuring caps instead of just assuming your kitchen spoon will hold exactly 5ml of the said medicine’.

That’s a logical point of view. Measuring medicines using teaspoon and tablespoon can go totally wrong as the sizes of these spoons may very house to house. Moreover, the names may be confused. For example, the abbreviations tsp. And tbsp. might get confused and therefore the medicine dosage.

That’s why our paediatrician suggests measuring caps for measuring medicines for children. If you suspect about medicine dosage being given to your child, you should contact a child specialist at the earliest.