Thanks to our so-called “sophisticated” lifestyle, back pain (especially lower back pain) has become one of the most common problems from which almost everyone has suffered at some point in their life. Earlier back pain was linked to someone with older age and person with weak bones but now even the young people like the one in their early 20s are reporting back pain. 

A sedentary lifestyle and modern technology have made us too lazy to do anything and even while sitting, we cannot have a good posture. Initially, the pain may be low in intensity and on and off but slowly the intensity and frequency both increase, affecting the daily routine of a person. All the credit goes to our negligence and bad habits. In this article, I’ll be mentioning certain habits (bad habits) you should give up instantly in order to get rid of your back pain.

1. Position and duration of sitting

We usually sit leaning on the sofa, bedside, or wall, curling—half sitting, half lying and more. These positions can be relaxing for some time but hurt in the long term. Also sitting in the same position for long hours is bad. While sitting always keep your neck, shoulder, and head in an upright position and do not sit altogether for a long time. Try to move around in between, taking a small break from your position as it will give increased mobility to your joints. Keep on shifting the position, it will help in preventing strain on a single muscle group only.

2. Position of walking

Do not walk with shrugged shoulders but walk straight keeping your spine, neck, and head in alignment. If you walk by leaning forward, there is a lot of strain on your back muscles which can be the reason for your back pain. Try to walk straight looking forward and not downwards.

3. Say no to heavyweights

Do not lift heavy objects like gas cylinders at home, avoid pushing or lifting desks or tablets at work and do not lift heavy weights at the gym. While picking any object bend your knees and not the spine. In the gym, take care that you do not lift heavy weights, or do leg press exercises without proper guidance, as these things will trigger your pain.

4. Reduce toilet time

If you are suffering from back pain you need to stop spending too much time surfing on the toilet seat! No magazine, no newspaper and no facebook! Even while sitting for a while, keep in mind that your knees won’t be bearing all the weight of your body and you should be sitting straight with neck, shoulders and head aligned.

5. Drink water

Yes, you might be drinking water but not enough. Water helps in hydrating the organs and whole body and in the case of the back, it hydrates discs that are dehydrated just like a squeezed sponge. Do not consider those sodas or colas into the liquid intake as they do no good or add any nutritional value to the body.

6. Dietary changes

Grains, dairy and sugar products are categories of food that increase the inflammation in the body. Avoid having these in large quantities to reduce back pain due to inflammation.

7. Rest, but not too much

Rest after a long sitting hour or after a walk is good but lying around in your bed whole weekend doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Take everyday good sleep and rest but do not overdo as otherwise it only worsen the pain.

8. Work out for good health not muscles

If you are a back pain sufferer and you train daily in the gym then you must be doing it right considering your back pain issue. Do not train to be a bodybuilder but a healthy person who should have good muscle strength. Do exercises that involve all the muscles at a time rather than focusing on a single at a time.

9. Supportive mattress

Your mattress should be supportive of your spine instead of being too soft and squishy. Sleeping on a very soft mattress might make you feel like on clouds but it can give you severe back pain in the morning. So while selecting your mattress you keep that in mind.

In conclusion, correcting these 9 points can help you heal and get rid of your back pain, however, consulting a doctor is extremely important for the right advice and guidance.