Have you tried everything in the world - Low carb diets, juice diets, water diets & so on? Have you still been unable to lose weight? Then its time to take a closer look at your routine and find out the mistakes which you have been making so far.

Here are some of the most common reasons-

1. You are eating mindlessly-

In order to lose weight it is extremely important to eat mindfully. You need to savour and chew every morsel really well. Eat slowly, keep your phone and television remote aside while eating.Give your brain a chance to realize that you have eaten enough and need not overindulge.

2) You are suffering from a medical condition-

Certain medical conditions can make the weight loss process difficult and extremely slow. These medical conditions include PCOS, hypothyroidism and sleep apnea. Also various medications can lead to weight gain and is capable of disrupting the weight loss cycle.

3) You are an emotional eater-

When you are stressed, tensed or upset you resort to comfort foods. By comfort foods I mean you pick a pack of chips, biscuits or chocolate to make yourself feel better. You ultimately end up eating too much of unhealthy foods which puts a break on the entire weeks hard-work and you land up gaining weight or losing very little.

4) Your protein in your diet is low-

In order to lose weight it is important to eat a protein rich diet. Protein takes more time to get digested as compared to carbs and fats. Protein is known to increase ones metabolism and can provide a feeling of satiety and fullness. Hence not eating enough protein can make your weight loss process slow and leave you disappointed.

5) Your water intake is low-

Drinking less water can again be a visible reason why you have not been losing enough weight. Water can keep you full for longer duration and aid in keeping the hunger pangs at bay. It can suppress your appetite and keep you hydrated. Try and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day so that the weight scale continues to show a drop in the weight.

6) Your alcohol intake is way too high-

If you have to lose weight then drinking less alcohol is of prime importance. Studies show that excessive drinking can lead to weight gain.Its always good to have a drink which is low in calories , but remember that per gram of alcohol has 7 calories which in itself is quite high. If you have to drink then make sure you have a healthy fibre rich meal just before it. Also have an accompaniment such as salad sticks, chicken tikka or roasted chana alongside so that you do not drink too much.

7) You are sleeping too little-

Poor sleeping habits can lead to weight gain and slower weight loss. While work is important it is very necessary to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Studies have shown that less sleep can predispose an individual to obesity and various other health issues. Remember good sleep is important for your mental and physical well being. So sleep well and stay healthy.

8) You are not exercising-

Exercising is essential to burn off the excess fat that has accumulated in the body over time. Exercising can lead to faster weight loss and help you in reaching the goal. If you are not exercising then there are high chances that the body would lose weight at a slower pace. So get up and get going.

Look into the reasons and find out the best solution.