Everyone Knows the different specialty of modern science like orthopedic, neurologist etc.

But do you know our ayurved have 8 specialty branches ???

  काय बाल ग्रह उर्ध्वंग शल्य दंष्ट्रा जरा वृषान l -अ.ह्र.सू.१/५ 

1)    काय चिकित्सा Internal medicine / General physician –

Doctor who diagnose treats multisystem disease conditions or general health issues. We knows as family doctor. 

2)    बालरोग चिकित्सा  Pediatrics –

This includes medical care of infants, children & adolescent ayurved consider 0 to 16 yrs of age as pediatric. 

3)    ग्रह चिकित्सा Epidemic diseases :-

Wide spread of infectious diseases in a community at a particular time like dengue, flu etc. is called as epidemic diseases. Ayurved Have effective treatment for such diseases. 

4)    उर्ध्वंग चिकित्सा ENT specialist:-

Urdhwang means upper body from neck .which deals with diseases of our panchendriya like ear, nose, eyes, and throat. Nowadays We found eye specialist a different branch. 

5)    शल्य चिकित्सा   Surgeon :- 

Shalya means who deals with different surgical treatment like appendicitis, injury, trauma etc. nowadays we have different surgeon like neuro, orthopedic, general surgeon. Acharya SUSHRUTA is known as father of surgery world accepted this because thousands of year before he was performing different surgeries. 

6)    दंष्ट्रा चिकित्सा Toxicology :-

This provides you details of poisonous insects,minerals like cyanide, organic poisons their symptoms & treatment in details. 

7)    जरा चिकित्सा Geriatrics :- 

It deals with the diseases related to older age. It Describes different diseases, symptoms, treatment of old age diseases. In Ayurveda it also known as Rasayana treatment. At that time age above 70 yrs considered as old age but nowadays we consider old age above 55 yrs as average life of human moves from 100 yrs to 84 yrs as per recent studies.

8)    वृष्य चिकित्सा Rejuvenation :-

It describes rejuvenation therapy & various ways to boost sexual wellness .in addition deals with the infertility & sexual health of both male as well female . It also known as vajikarana. 

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