1.  Temperature

The abrupt change of temperature is the major culprit causing and precipitating asthma and allergic rhinitis. Try your best to Avoid exposure to the extreme and sudden variation of temperature while bathing, eating, drinking and sleeping, Use nothing too hot in cold weather and nothing too chilled in hot weather. Variation of more than 20 degrees centigrade of Temperature causes immunological injury to life force and causes over-sensitisation of the living being. Hence body overreacts to allergens and results in allergic diseases like sneezing and running nose Asthma etc.

2.  Restrict Diet

Avoid (if possible) or at least Minimise eating Rice, Banana and Colocasia roots (Arvi) during severe sneezing, difficulty in breathing, severe coughing and running nose (Arvi). Also, avoid specific edibles which make you worse.

3.  Regular Exercise

Maintain Regular symptom-limited exercise (As per age of Patient). Walk for 45 minutes or more daily.

4.  Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Avoid all Pain Killer and fever pills such as Salicylic Acid (Aspirin-Disprin), Paracetamol (Crocin), Nemuselide (Nemulid, Nice), Ibuprofen (Brufen, Combiflam etc.) Except for High Grade Fever. All such type of medicines cause bronchospasm (constriction of air passage) and lead to asthma.

5.  Don't Overreact

Slight running nose and sneezing in asthmatic patients ameliorate their difficulty in breathing. Do not suppress minor sneezing and running nose unnecessarily with anti-allergic medicines.

6. No to Perfumes

Avoid all sorts Perfume & Scented items Such as deodorants, toothpaste, soaps, Shampoo, Oils Etc.

7. Dust Mites

Beware of House Dust Mites and storage mites hidden in quilts, carpets, mattresses, pillows, storage of bed, almirah, old forgotten books and clothes. House dust is the most common cause to precipitate allergic symptoms because the majority of the human population has developed antibodies against antigens derived from dead and live house and storage dust mites. Use all washable beddings instead of heavy mattresses, washable bed linen and quilts.