1. Don't say - 'Snap out of it or don't think like that or think something else'.
    Anxiety manifests as physical and cognitive symptoms. Physical symptoms include, headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness, upset stomach, bowel disturbances, body pains and odd sensations and weakness of legs and hands, sweating etc. Cognitive symptoms include, restlessness, fidgetiness, concentration - memory problems, negative thoughts, pessimistic thoughts about future, fear, and impaired planning, thoughts etc. Unless one's Anxiety disorder is treated by professionals these symptoms will not go away  just like that
  2. Don't say - 'stop worrying'.
    Its like telling someone who has a cough with lung infection not to cough. Its really the most ridiculous thing one can ever say. Worrying is a symptom. As if the person deliberately wants to worry. Don't you think he/she would have already tried that?
  3. Don't say - 'think positively'. 
  4. Don't say - 'do this or that - don't give any advice'.
    Any advice given will irritate the person more and reduce their confidence. Just tell them that you are there to support them whenever they want. 
  5. Don't say - 'you have nothing to worry about, you have everything in life, get your act together'.
    Yea, right. As if I haven't tried.  
  6. Don't say - its all in your head.
    This is the most ridiculous statement. I am feeling chest pain, palpitations, breathing problems, pain elsewhere, and it is not in the head.