During winters, there is a decrease in atmospheric pressure and temperature along with this there is soothing sunlight throughout the day in India which is one of the reasons person suffers from joint aches and pain along with muscular stiffness.Increase in muscle stiffness and pain in more commonly seen in patients with previous traumatic injuries. Here`s how to protect your musculoskeletal or neurological or respiratory system's issues:

  1. Due to drop in temperature there is swelling in joints along with constriction of blood vessels and nerves which causes joints pain. I always suggest to everyone who is suffering from arthritis or other inflammatory conditions or normal sports person instead of taking painkillers to reduce pain, consult a Physiotherapist.
  2. Along with proper nutrition and sufficient amount of water every day to keep joints hydrated and lubricated the utmost important thing we suggest is STAY ACTIVE. Doing exercises regularly keeps your joints lubricated and moving. Due to maintaining correction range of motion of joint patients automatically come out of the bad posture and aches related to musculoskeletal systems. 
  3. Avoid doing exercises in the early morning and late night otherwise due to drop in temperature and pressure in winter will increase your pain and ultimately increases muscular stiffness and reduced stamina. You may feel fatigue. 
  4. Take benefit of soothing sunlight in winter. Soak up the sun in morning or evening for 45 mins. Sunlight provides Vitamin D which is important for bone strength and other functions of the body.
  5. In winter due to atmospheric changes, people are prone to get cold n cough to reduce this increase immune system of your respiratory systems by doing morning respiratory exercises to increase lung capacity. 
  6. Keep yourself warm with clothing and simple stretching exercises every after 20 to 30 mins. Do not use heating pad more than 20 mins it can damage your tissues.

During winter season to keep yourself fit and active follow these simple tips and always remember, every day has 1440 mins, Be Active for at least 30 mins!