Yoga is a way of living; one should try to make use of it in life for a healthy body and mind. So for those who think they cannot stretch, twist and fold their body like professional yogis, we have chosen some of the easiest Yoga techniques or Yoga poses, anyone can do at home or at work, with minimal experience. All you need is a yoga mat, some willingness to stay ahead and change your life. These Yoga poses for beginners are so easy that you can do it at home, on the roof terrace or wherever there is a comfortable place to sit down.

Basic meditative Position:

These 5 Yoga exercises start with a basic meditative position so it is necessary to get familiar with it. First sit on the Yoga mat relaxed,legs crossed and spine straight as shown in the picture below.

1.KAPĀLABHĀTI (Forceful Inhaling and Exhaling exercise.) 

Sit in the basic meditative position with your eyes closed and body relaxed. Now you have to inhale deeply so that your lungs get filled with air, wait for 1 second and forcefully exhale the air from your lungs by contracting the abdominal muscles. Do this 20-30 times per round and then take rest by deep breathing and slow exhaling.

Good for: Sinus problems, Asthma, Fatigue, dust allergies and other respiratory diseases. It increases the blood flow to the lungs and face.People with heart ailments, high blood pressure, nasal bleeding, vertigo, and stroke should avoid this exercise.

2. PRĀNẠ̄ YĀMA (Alternative breathing) 

Sit in a comfortable position ,slowly inhale through the right nostril with blocking the left nostril by the thumb, wait for as much as you can then slowly releasing the thumb and exhaling the air out. Repeat the same process with the right nostril this time. Increase the duration according to your strength.

Good for: It provides the oxygen to the deeper parts of the lung and increases the lung capacity to fill the oxygen. It helps in relieving anxiety, stress and refreshes the mind. The best exercise for most respiratory disorders like Asthma, Sinus, Seasonal allergies.

3. BHRAMARI (The Humming Bee buzzing sound)

Bhramari word comes from the buzzing sound coming from bees. It is a type of Pranayama with focus basically on sound. Sit in the basic meditative position, with the eyes closed and relaxed breathing. Take a deep breath; focus on the area between the eyebrows and humming the (Om or Hmm) sound while exhaling. Make sure your jaws are locked so that the (Om or Hmm) sound creates a vibration in the head.

Good for: Stress, Anxiety, Anger, hyperactivity of the mind, boosts concentration, great for attention deficit disorders. It has a tranquilizing effect on the mind.People with Ear and Nose disease should avoid this.

4. DHYĀNA (Meditation)

DHYĀNA is to dig deep within your soul to find all the answers to the questions asked by life. It is a good way of soul-searching.Sit in any meditative posture, keeping your back straight and body relaxed. First focus on the toe then shifting the focus on the knees, after sometimes shifts your focus on the genital area, next on to the heart area and at last the area between the eyebrows.

Try to practice this technique in a peaceful area. Some people recommend soft music, but it can turn your focus to the music itself and here we are trying to dig deep in our soul, so music should be avoided.

Good for: Concentration, attention deficit Disorders, Stress, Anxiety, Hyper activity, Soul Searching. Helps in drug abuse, smoking, alcohol or any kind of addiction, self-improvement and temperament.

5. SANKALPA (The Vow)

Sankalpa is all about determination and will power. I vow to change my life; I will do anything to achieve my Fitness, peace, love and Aim.At the end of the session make a Sankalpa every day stay focus on your goal to do whatever you want to.

Good for: DE-addiction-Tremendous Will power is the most important ingredient to conquer any kind of addiction. Sankalpa practice gradually increases the will power,determination and could be used effectively against addiction.