The onset of cooler temperature is also the sign of cold and flu season. Many people might be concerned about different types of viruses that can attack them. Regardless of what viral infections are taking their rounds, following tips can help you strengthen your natural immunity and prevent any illness. 

Personal Hygiene

  • Use soap and warm water to wash your hands. While washing your hands, rub your hands, palms and fingers really well for at least 15 seconds. Make sure you clean your hands before eating all your meals.
  • Make sure you take a bath daily.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day.

Personal hygiene helps keep your immune system from being overwhelmed by germs. Skin is an important part of the immune system since it acts as the first barrier between germs and body parts.

Nutrition and Diet

A healthy and balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat or fat free milk and milk products, lean meat, poultry fish, eggs, and nuts.

Get adequate amount of sleep

Sufficient sleep and rest is critical for a healthy immune system. Inadequate amount of sleep can contribute to inflammation and reduce normal functioning of immune system. A minimum of 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily is required for a healthy body and mind. 

Reduce Stress

The master stress hormone cortisol affects every single system in the body and chronic activation of stress hormone weakens immune system. Exercise regularly to enhance your immune system and reduce stress.

Obtain sufficient sunlight exposure

Vitamin D is a hormone that plays an important part in modulating immune system. Hence, exposure to sunlight early in the morning will enhance your immune system.

Cover your nose and mouth in crowded places

 Wear your mask  to cover your nose and mouth in crowded places to prevent illness.