In today’s world, science and technology is helping the mankind lead better lives. Medical Science has evolved over many years, to help and provide the society with new and innovative ways to improve their health standards.Until a few years back, the branch of Dermatology, Skin and Hair care, was not as developed and renowned. People used to visit their general physicians, even though there were many dermatologists available. The skin and hair needs of the people were always present, and the demand used to be met by general physicians or other medicine doctors. But in the recent years, the importance of a qualified Dermatologist has been acknowledged by many. Here are 5 key considerations for selecting a Dermatologist:

1. Qualifications

Qualifications of a doctor speak for themselves. MBBS, MD Dermatology is the highest ranked qualification. It is the Masters of medicine in Dermatology, Sexually transmitted diseases and Leprosy care. DNB Dermatology is ranked second to MD Dermatology. Diploma in Skin and Venereal disease ranks third. Many general physicians and practitioners have started entering this field of dermatology, without having enough qualifications. You must check the qualifications of the doctor.

2. Referrals

As they say, the best way to know about the doctor is contact someone who has visited the doctor before, and has taken treatment from the doctor. Family and friends who refer the doctor are the very important sources of information of the doctor’s ability to treat the patient. They constitute important means of direct publicity of the doctor. Feedback from the treated patients is very helpful.

3. Hospital Infrastructure 

The hospital infrastructure is of paramount importance. The better the infrastructure, the better is the patient experience. It also helps in the early diagnosis and treatment. A dermatology centre must be well equipped with latest technology, which is at power with other centres. 

4. Communication skills of the doctor

All said and done, the communication skills and attitude of the doctor towards the patient is very crucial in choosing your skin specialist. The way the doctor is able to explain to the patient about his/her illness, the treatment options, the success rates and probable outcomes, is a very important component of patient care. A good dermatologist can explain to his patients, the need of a procedure, its pros and cons, and its possible results in a stipulated amount of time. The interaction with the doctor should always be both ways, instead of one way. The patient must feel free to interact with their physician.

5. Approach to the disease

The doctor’s approach to a disease is an important factor in the management of the illness. There are many skin and hair diseases, for e.g. hair fall which have a number of treatments available. But what form of treatment would suit the patient is an important call that the dermatologist needs to make. The approach towards the disease must be specified on the basis of the patients’ needs and resources available.