Losing weight might be quite a challenging task, but it could be even more if it is around your belly. It has also been seen that apart from being the most challenging fat to get rid of, there are people who does everything right – eat right foods and exercise regularly, still they doesn’t seem to burn it away. 

We all need to understand that there are different kinds of body types that are been determined by the genes, but the amount of fat each carries in their body, is not at all solely because of the genes. It is primarily because of the foods that we eat and have been eating from the beginning of our growth stages till now, and the amount of activity that we involve ourselves into. But what about the type one group of people – who do everything to lose it but still isn’t able to?

We store fats which are spare under our skin and all around the primary organs in our abdominal region. It is also true that excess fat around the abdominal region can cause greater health problems than fats accumulated at other areas like the bottom or on the thighs.

Look below at the five reasons that could help you understand where you problem lies:

1. You are not getting enough sleep - Lack of proper sleep could have serious consequences,especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Lack of sleep or too little sleep increases the production of ghrelin – a hormones that is responsible to heighten appetite.

2. You might be having PCOS - Having high testosterone levels – something that is cause in cases of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), you will always gain weight and have difficulties shedding it. If you are turning apple shaped and getting overweight, immediately check with your doctor.

3. You are highly stress - It is considered the number one reason for developing belly fat and not losing it. Stress can be due to many reasons like certain conflict within workplace, relationship, family or may be something else, and it releases cortisol, a stress hormone that plays an integral part in the laying of central adipose tissues, called the belly fat.

4. You are having a diet high in salt - It has been noticed that majority of the people consume more than the recommended daily dose of salt in their meals. The problem is excess salt causes the water inside our blood stream to move into the skin, making us look bloated and puffy. It is basically the sodium in the salt that is to be blamed.

5. You are not doing the correct workouts or exercises - In general what happens that we all involve the same exercise daily – week after week, months after month and so on? The most common workout or exercise we involve into is cardio – walking, jogging, swimming and alike. It is good in the beginning as you will lose weight but after some time your metabolism will adjust itself and you will stop losing further weight. It is better to go for interval training which will not only increase your heart rate but also tax your muscles.