Pollution is the cause of a bad cough and cold because of allergy-causing particles present in dust. Some particles are visible to us like dust and smoke. Other particles are microscopic and these Nanoparticles are more harmful as these tiny particles manage to stay at the base of lungs causing damage to airways slowly.

Get any cough lasting for more than 3 weeks Investigated for TB. Just a routine chest X-Ray, a blood test and watch for symptoms like loss of appetite, loss of weight and general asthenia.

Natural ways to cure a bad cough are:

1) Steam and moisture to be inhaled deeply: Steam kills the germs if any around the throat and moisture reduces the dryness caused by summer air/smog ( smoke + fog) of winter air.

2) Warm water + spoon of honey: Diabetics can also have it as a spoon of honey =30 calories only. Cut down calories in chapatis/bread or other carbohydrates. People do add the juice of the lemon to honeyed water as they feel that natural Vitamin C in lemon boosts the immunity to fight disease. Others feel that lemon juice aggravates a cough. Do whatever you believe in. Both schools of thought are Right.

3) Chicken soup minus cream or heavy pieces: Other steaming hot beverages like ginger tea ( girls and women in reproductive age group should avoid ginger as being a blood thinner, it can lead to excessive bleeding during periods. Make beverages with toned milk as fat is difficult to digest and puts more load on the digestive system. Other foods causing distension, like certain fried vegetables and dals, should be avoided. Get enough nourishment but only through light and digestible foods.

4) Saline gargles: Very easy to do. It does wonder by killing the germs in throat minus antibiotics and warm water is soothing to the irritated throat.

5) Get enough sleep: Constant coughing can be draining, it can lead to a low-grade fever for no reason.

If need be, take a safe anti-allergic tablet like Chlorpheniramine Malleate 5 mg. My idea to write this article was to Avoid medication and be with nature. Certain medicines like Paracetamol for body ache and low-grade fever + anti-allergic for allergy + sleep are must, so that the symptoms of a cough do not get aggravated.

Remember to get investigated for a dry cough if nature Plus Home Remedies do not help for 2 weeks.

Important- Reduce Stress and do deep breathing exercises, Yoga, inhale natural Oxygen from fresh and watered plants with no dust on Leaves.