We are in a world where every situation is dealt with urgency and it does not really matter if it's actually the most important thing to do at that particular moment. Whatever the situation is, if we do not have the time to sit down and eat our meals with utmost focus, then it simply means we are not prioritizing the right things. "Eating" is not merely an activity, it is a conscious act through which we build a strong connection between the food, body and the mind. When this is done, we feel completely nourished and not just filled. 

Here are a few ways how we can feel nourished:

  • Decide to eat in a positive and a silent environment with minimal distractions. It is important that you keep negativity, gossip or any depressing situation away while you eat. Respect your body and sit with a mindset of giving it the best food. 
  • Keep technology away and focus fully on the food, so that you feel the sense of nourishment and satisfaction.
  • Involve sensually with the food. Touch, feel and smell the food and relish each bite to the fullest. 
  • Take sufficient time to chew each morsel really well so that your digestion is easier and nutrient absorption is better. Practice eating slow. You will soon realize you are able to follow healthy portions.
  • Finally, after the meal, take 5 minutes to relax and feel the nutrients entering the body and feel the completion of the meal. 

It's high time we take this plunge and focus on true nourishment, rather than just eating to fill the tummy.