Big bulging biceps has been always ‘a symbol of masculinity’. So, most guys focus on them. But women should not ignore this muscle, since the bicep still has functional use, and it will help you get toned arms.

Most bicep exercises are ‘pulling’ exercises and generally involve curling your hand towards your shoulders like bicep curl. For developing the great biceps, try the following exercises & routines.


Tri-set: 3 sets of different bicep exercises, repeated one after another without rest. For eg, perform a 10-12 reps of one bicep exercise like dumbbell curl followed by 10-12 reps of another exercise like preacher curl, and then another. Rest after the tri-set.

Super Slow Reps: Slow down way when you do incline dumbbells curls. Perform each rep slowly taking 3-5 seconds for each upward and downward movement.

Bicep Exercises

Bicep Curl: Any exercise which targets your bicep brachii muscle in order to develop size, definition, strength & stamina.These exercises can be done with the help of dumbbell, barbell, cable machine, biceps curling machine.

Hammer Curl: Stand straight with a pair of dumbbells by your side and raise your forearms parallel with the floor.Pause at the top of the hammer curl and squeeze your bicep muscles hard, then slowly lower back down to the starting position.

Preacher Curl: To perform this exercise you will need a preacher bench and a straight bar.With the upper arms positioned against the preacher bench pad and the chest against it, breathe in, slowly lower the bar until your upper arm is extended and the biceps is fully stretched.s you exhale, use the biceps to curl the weight up until your biceps is fully contracted and the bar is at shoulder height. Squeeze the biceps hard and hold this position for a second.

Reverse Curl: Stand straight with a pair of dumbbells in pronated grip (palms facing down). Curl the weights while contracting the biceps as you breathe out. Only the forearms should move and hold the contracted position for a second as you squeeze the muscle.Slowly begin to bring the dumbbells back to starting position as your breathe in. 

Chin ups: The body is pulled up until the bar approaches or touches the upper chest. The body is then lowered until the arms are straight, and the exercise is generally repeated.