None of us want fine lines and wrinkles but the truth is they are a part of our life. This doesn't mean we have to accept age prematurely. Below tips will help you look years younger than your real age.

1. VITAMIN C:- It acts as an anti-oxidant. Along with reducing ageing, it also manufactures collagen and boost the synthesis of collagen significantly. When consumed appropriately it helps in minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles.

2. AVOID TOO MUCH SUN:- The sun damages the skin and so its important that you always have a proper protection by applying sunscreen, and also use physical protection like umbrella. Excessive sunlight exposure can cause deep wrinkles and make you look older than your age.

3. ANTI-AGEING CREAM:- Anti ageing or wrinkle creams and serum that contain vitamin can be a tool to fight against wrinkles.

4. RAW FOOD:- Meals like veggies, sprouts, fruits, grains, beans, nuts will help you look years younger because these help in rejuvenation and improvement of skin tone.

5. SUGAR INTAKE:- Balance the amount of daily sugar intake. High glucose levels will certainly result in high blood sugar.

This can contribute in formation of lines and wrinkles and can be responsible for many illnesses too.