Hello everyone, Today I would like to throw a light on the very much taken For granted side of Autism.

There are some myths that we really believe people with autism have-

1. Autism is a Disease and can be cured: Understand parents and everyone, that Autism is a delay in development and it is life long and cannot be cured. Yes it can improve with continuous therapeutic assistance in development of some basic skills required to survive.

2- Children with Autism have no eye contact- My dear parents and professional out there, I must tell you that I have seen many kids lying on this spectrum yet giving wonderful sustainable eye contact. 

3- They are not social- Yes there are some children who prefer isolation above socializing but I have also seen children on this spectrum and being completely social with everyone.

4- Do not LABEL them as AUTISTIC KID- Please everyone, Don't use these labels to introduce them! How would you feel if you get labeled as COLD  or FEVER.you wouldn't like it right? Not do they!  

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