Thinking how to fall asleep and stay asleep whole through the night? When it comes to sleep, both quality and quantity are important. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep does not just make you tired but can cause wide ranging health problems.

Beat nighttime restlessness and feel energized during the day with these three time-tested natural remedies for insomnia.

1. Eat carbs for dinner

Eating carbohydrates for dinner can promote restful sleep by producing sleep hormone. If you eat carbs for your last meal of the day, your body maybe better primed to sleep. Avoid meals with high protein for dinner.

2. Keep things cool and dark

Our body is designed to react to light levels. Once the sun has gone down, the body releases hormones that help us sleep. 

In the modern world, we can spend many hours using devices such as TVs, monitors, phones and tablets. The artificial light, particularly the blue light emitted by these devices, can disrupt the body's function thus affecting sleep. That’s why, if you want to sleep better, it’s important to reduce the amount of artificial light you expose yourself to and ensure you have at least an hour blue light free before bedtime. 

Also, keep your bedroom cool and dark, which will guarantee you a better sleep.

3. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is essential for maintaining general health and can really help with insomnia, especially when you do it outdoors. Physical exercises like yoga and meditation will also help you manage daily stress successfully; it’s easier to fall asleep at night.