3-minute sinusitis pain relief technique:

Today most of the people suffer from sinusitis, migraine or a headache due to pollution levels, air-conditioned work environment and work nature.

Generally, medicines are suggested for intake, once the individual gets any of these above problems and he/ she is advised not to take frequent hair wash and to avoid cold causing vegetables and fruits.

Here I give you a 3-minute treatment which instantly relieves sinusitis pain. This is a DIY technique ( do it yourself ) which can be done anywhere, anytime. No special equipment or arrangements needed.


 Heaviness in the forehead, Pain in and near eyebrows, Nasal congestion. Restricted breathing through your nose. Reduced sense of smell and numb taste buds, can’t identify tastes. Urge to blow your nose often due to the greenish-yellow discharge that comes from the infected sinuses and drains into the nasal passages. Mucus discharge in throat may result in inflamed throat causing a tickling effect and sore throat. Fluids get collected throughout the night and this may cause worst headaches in the mornings. Pain in jaws and tooth ache. Continuous and persistent cough. (due to the discharge draining at the back of the throat)Diagnosis: Above mentioned symptoms indicate that you might have infected by sinusitis. 

Root Cause: Sinusitis may be caused due to allergies, fluffy nose etc.


I would like to teach you a simple three-minute treatment to get rid of sinusitis immediately.This technique drains all the fluid collected at the back of the throat and taken out of the body through proper channels. Thus relieving you from sinusitis pain immediately.I have given step by step procedure here with appropriate demos.

Step 1: Keep your index and Thumb finger as shown in the below picture.

Step 1

Step 2: Hold your skin in between eyebrows, that is the starting of your nose, tightly for 3 minutes.

Step 2

Step 3: After holding for 3 minutes, keep your index finger, middle finger and ring finger as shown in the picture, below your eyes and at the start of the cheeks.

Step 3

Step 4: Give slight pressure and drag the fingers downwards, with fingers touching your skin, till the end of the cheek. Do it 21 times both sides simultaneously.

While doing the above procedure you can feel the dripping of the fluid from your head and nose and throat. This procedure removes the fluid collected and thus relieves the pain due to sinusitis instantly. This can be repeated any number of times a day based on the severity of the infection.