3 Healthy Late Night Snacks You Can Eat to Build Muscle

All of us already know that you don’t actually build muscles while you’re exercising but while you’re resting. So how come that only a few of us seem to realize that by making maximum use of sleep you can grow more muscle?

1. Cottage CheeseAn adequate protein consumption is at the heart of bulking, but achieving it is not as easy as it sounds. To reach your goals faster, you need the help of both whole foods and supplements. But if you rely solely on fast-digesting protein shakes to meet your protein intake requirements, you’ll miss out on the benefits of other great protein sources that can help you keep your body fed throughout the entire night.Cottage cheese is a great option for a late night snack as it is a form of casein protein that digests slowly and thereby can provide your body with a steady release of energy for a longer period of time.

2. Casein Protein PowderIf you’re not a big fan of cottage cheese or simply don’t feel like eating real food before going to bed, you can simply drink a casein shake. It won’t be the tastiest of meals, but it’ll be a great investment in your potential for overnight growth.Unlike whey protein, casein is a slow-digesting protein which slows down the rate of the gastric emptying and allows for a slow and sustained release of amino acids into the bloodstream. This will help you keep adequately fed over the course of the night and prevent the loss of precious muscle. Or, if you’ve had more than enough shakes during the day, use casein protein powder to make healthy before-bed snacks such as protein pudding, cookies or muffins.

3. Nuts and nut buttersSince fats play a crucial role in the production of hormones, besides adequate amounts of protein, your body needs a proper dose of healthy fats in order to stimulate hormonal responses that will keep you in an anabolic state all through the night. In addition, fats slow down protein absorption and can accentuate the anabolic benefits of a late night meal consisting of slow-releasing protein even further. The easiest way to get this benefits is by choosing to snack on a portion of mixed nuts or add some of your favorite nut butter to your casein protein shake.With the help of the right foods, bulking can be a lot easier than you think. But no matter how hard you try to grow during the day, neglecting your body’s nutritional needs during the night can severely limit your mass gaining potential. To prevent this, make sure to consume a balanced combination of slow-digesting protein and healthy fats before going to bed every night. The results will follow sooner than you think!