If you are a cervical spondylosis case or work on laptop too much , you need to be little extra conscious about your neck pain. Sudden severe pain attacks are very common in IT professionals or those who have history of neck pain. 

To prevent such pain just take these 3 preventive majors: 

1. Avoid any Weight training or over head lifts without supervision of physiotherapist: Physical therapist is the one who can help you to strengthen your neck muscles and other related muscle groups slowly and gradually . Sudden weight lift or over head body lift can cause a severe damage and you may take lot of time to recover of it . 

2. Avoid slouch posture in bed and keep check on your ergonomics at your workplace: Posture is the one of the major factor for back and neck pain. Slouch posture in bed and use of many pillows can cause a overnight muscle strain and spasm. Watching TV for long just half lying in bed is another cause of neck and back pain. Make sure you are sitting straight and comfortable. 

3. Do your exercises regularly: You can't take risk of not doing exercise, try to make it your routine. Exercise and gradual muscle training will help you to prevent sudden pain or muscle spasm. Never do exercise in acute pain. Consult a physiotherapist in case of acute pain or any sudden pain.

Stay Active just by doing bit conscious efforts for self care.