People spend hundreds and thousands of rupees trying to look young. 

They invest in cosmetic, commercial beauty products, costly therapies, and more, just to look young and fresh. It is important to remember, however, that looking young isn’t just about taking care of yourself externally. You have to be careful about what goes inside your body because all of that contributes to your physical well-being.

Every 35 days, your Skin replaces itself. Your Liver, about a month, your body makes these new cells from the food you eat, what you eat literally becomes you. You have a choice in what you’re made of. 

Avoid consuming or doing harmful things, such as eating junk food or smoking, and be sure you include some healthy food in your regular diet. Not only do they help keep your mind and body fit but they also combat the ageing effects of sunlight, stress, dust, and pollutants that you likely encounter on a frequent basis.

Ageing is a natural part of life that can’t be avoided.

However, the foods you eat can help you age better, both inside and out. 

Here are 15 foods that can help you look younger:

1.      Avocado

2.      Berries

3.      Chocolate

4.      Chia Seeds

5.      Drink lots of Water

6.      Egg Whites

7.      Fish

8.      Fruits

9.      Green Tea

10.  Leafy Green Vegetables / Broccoli

11.  Oats

12.  Olive oil

13.  Quinoa

14.  Red Wine

15.  Walnuts