Want to lose weight during Navratri? Don’t wanna feel lethargic? Want your Face to glow & radiate happiness?

If you answered yes, READ ON! This is for you-

  1. Eat after every 3 hours. Small meals at regular intervals keep metabolism intact. 
  2. No to papads & chips.Don't buy them (Out of sight is out of mind) Instead take more of curd, yogurt, smoothies and fruits etc as they will keep you energetic. 
  3. Make boiled Aloo Chaat or Sweet potatoes chat with Mint Chutney, Curd, Rock salt, Pepper & Lemon 
  4. Replace kheer with mixed fruit curd.
  5. Instead of making pakoras, Make Roti with Kuttu + Samak flour mix (1:1 ratio) or Singhara atta. 
  6. You can also make Samak Rice Idli and Dosa. 
  7. Drink milk twice a day but instead of whole milk replace it with skimmed milk. If you are making kheer then use skimmed milk only & keep sugar low. 
  8. Drink 1 coconut water a day & lemonade, whenever you feel like. If you are herbal tea fan then go ahead with that as well.
  9. Instead of making potatoes bhaji all the time make pumpkin, ghia/ lauki  (bottle guard), tomatoes puree with little potato in it.
  10. Don't forget to eat salad(Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber) with main meals. They will help you to beat Constipation. 
  11. Make curd your best friend. It will help to keep your gut strong, improve digestion. Gorge on Curd & Buttermilk. Always add bhuna jeera to curd. 

If you feel horribly hungry then attack sweets or pakoras but take it in a moderate amount.

P.S. Don't skip 30 mins walking routine.