If you are stopping everything for a notification, ask yourself if you really have control over your life. Need of the hour is digital unplugging. The following things one should know in this era of digitalisation. The disorder is known as IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder).

1. Heavy social media use can lead to 9% chance of depression. A psychological phenomenon known as SOCIAL COMPARISON is the cause of depression. Where everyone's life seems happier than one's self. 

2. Delete all non essential applications like bye-bye, Crush Candy etc.

3. Mobile phone ruins emotional connections and social interactions.

4. Multitasking and flipping between applications delivers Dopamine inside brain and long term memory becomes short lived. By changing the pattern one can focus deeply. 

5 Excessive internet and social networking increases stress and decreases productivity.

6. 95% cases mood is improved after putting down their mobile phone and spend time with the nature and outside.

7. Go off line once a week. To take week long vacation without laptop. Mood will be elevated and refreshed.

8. Should you abstain completely for a day or two, let family, friends and colleagues know that you won't be responding to messages. This accomplishes two things. First they won't think you are being rude. Second, announcing your detox helps you STICK to it.

9. Once you are tech free, you will have time for activities like reading, watching movies with family members, visit book stores, playing board games, gardening, walking, exercising and socialising.

10. Journalling is a great way to notice patterns. Keep your focus on something meaningful and your boredom will evaporate.