Akash Ayurvedic Herbal Soap

Manufactured byAkash Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


  • It is used for skin fairness and against heat rash. Also, prevents occurrence of acne.
  • It has good fragrance that eliminates bad odor from the body.
  • Suitable for all skin types and all age groups

Akash Ayurvedic Herbal Soap is a hand-made soap comprised of herbal ingredients that enhances skin fairness, prevents occurrence of acne, prevents heat rash, and helps to get rid off bad odor. This soap can be used on face and body.

How to use

It can be used twice daily. Rinse the area with water before use. Apply Akash Ayurvedic Herbal Soap on the wet skin. Rub gently to produce enough lather and rinse with water and pat dry using a bath towel.


  • Healthy skin growth
  • Protects from microbes
  • Maintains skin moisture
  • Prevents acne

Store this soap in cool and dry place. Keep this soap away from the children. Use this soap before the expiry date.

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