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1.  Use a liquid facial cleanser containing ceramides, lipids that help skin retain moisture.2.  Try creams containing retinol , which are found in the skin as Vitamin A derivatives at night
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Every year summers take a toll on the skin. The excessive heat, sun rays, humidity, pollution are extremely harmful to the skin. The summer heat can wreak havoc on your skin leading to dark spots, pig
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You must have a pretty jam-packed schedule like to keep track of all the non-stop activities you’ve committed yourself to from hitting the gym to important work meetings to spend quality time with fri
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Know your skin-Just like you recognize your body signs of  hunger,thirst or disease ,look at your skin.Is it dry ,crinkly and parched?Is it dull and dark?Is it rough on touch? Not only face,look
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The advantage of having oily skin is that you won’t be getting premature wrinkles but controlling the oil can sometimes be a problem. Here are 9 quick tips to keep your skin oil-free throughout the da
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