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My child is 2 years age

Since, 5 6 months my daughter has started hating milk all of a sudden. No good reason before these 6 months she was having it in bottle but, I left the bottle as the doctors asked and on the top of it she got bad cough and cold. So I thought she is growing also. So its for her betterment. She drank milk but with a lot of tantrums each time when she had to have milk. I also got irritated and many times angry too. But last 2 3 days she drank milk and only vomited. So, today I left the tug of war of milk and handling her. But, then that's not going to help anyway. Milk is milk. So a solution to it is a must for me. I tried soy milk but she was not liking its taste. I tried to give paneer she did not like it so much. So, now what?

Herpes simplex

Is there any treatment of Herpes in Homeopathy? I got HSV IgG 1&2 positive and IgM 1&2 negative. It's been a year since I have had any outbreak

To get clear skin.

Hello,I have some pimples n acne marks on my face.i do not want small holes to occur because of pimples on my face. I want my skin to be always clear n tight.So pls tell me what to do,eat, treatment n anything that can make my skin clear...I hope for a favorable response. Thank you

Can i eat lemon .

I m taking homeopathy for curing my pimples . So can I eat lemon or not??n I want to get my skin clear.

Fungal infection

I am suffering from fungal infection in groin area and it is spreading in legs and other part of skin.

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Keep Glaucoma at Bay With Homeopathy

 HOMEOPATHY FOR GLAUCOMAToperceive the beautiful nature of His creation in all its hues and abundance ofcolors, God has gifted the eyes. Make no mistake, it can beat the best of thelenses that man has been able to create, ...

Healthy Eating with Diabetes!

Have you heard that eating too much sugar causes diabetes? Or maybe someone told you that you have to give up all your favorite foods when you’re on a diabetes diet? Well, those things aren’t true. In fact, there are plenty of myths (false belief) about dieting and food. Use this guide to ...

Acne? Its All About Mind, Body and Soul

When the first pimple rears its ugly head; the panic on the women's face is visible.  It pushes her buttons, and she starts buying one jar after another; generally full of empty promises (creams);  only to feel disappointment. Every day I have hoards of girls coming to me with Acne. ...

Asthma Complete Cure by Homoeopathy

TREATING ASTHMA WITH HOMEOPATHY                      The word "Asthma" comes from the Greek, meaning, "to breathe hard." "Breath is life and life is breath". Breathing is such an accepted reality of life that we do not give much significance ...

Homeopathy for Winter Cough

HOMOEOPATHY FOR WINTER COUGHIt is that time of the year when the chill of winter is in the air as the kids get the second break from school and it is just the time for the festive celebrations when this dry, racking cough irritating and hurting the ...

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