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PCOS, irreguar cycle

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 18 approx. I am 31 now. Irregularity in menstrual cycle is closely tired to the body weight. I would like to know if there is supplements which will help in over all reproductive system, induce ovulation , balance hormones and regularize the cycles ?

Inflammed adenoid

My 5 year son is suffering from enlarged adenoid. We are following homeopathy medication for him from last 6 months. He is fine for a week, later he again catches cold, mouth breathing and snoring. He spends lot of effort in breathing at night & later has no energy left for any other physical activity. Want to understand if homeopathy will completely cure adenoid problem and how much time it will take to make him feel better. Thanks.

Pus in body

My mother has been taking fortwin injections almost weekly since last 20 years. She was suffering from breast cancer which has been operated upon and doctors have given clearence after kemo. its been almost 5 yrs now. since last 3 months she had some boil in the general area where she used to be injected fortwin. this boil became bad and got converted to 1/2 inch hole from where pus ozes out. Doctors adviced us to keep on doing dressing till the pus dries. but now another such hole has emerged and they are suggesting multiple surgeries with plastic surgery. which her body cant take. moreover the injections are still continuing. kindly guide

I have pcod

I hadmy last period on 7 feb 2017 i have pcod and taking medicine of homeopathy since 2months i also gained weight in these 2 months (3kgs).. i didn't get period so i went to my doc she gave hcg tablets for 6 days ie from 14th march to 19th March I'm stilp not having periods..what should i do?

Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO)

Hello Sir/Mam , I have bxo from 15 days . I want to know about Treatment. I know to know it is curable or not , or I have to go for surgery.

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Homeopathy: An Effective Holistic Approach

Many thoughtful teachers at medical colleges kept mentioning to their students: “Any treatment that does not harm patients cannot be all bad”. As they contain no active ingredient, highly dilute remedies leaving no side effects. So, from this perspective, homeopathy would ...

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Ideal Time to Eat Nuts

                    There are lots and lots of nutritious values in nuts. it contains numerous vitamins, minerals, calcium, omega 3, unsaturated fatty acids etc. and even more. simply, we can say its an power house in our body.  ...

Be 20 at the Age of 60

              It is very happy when someone called us baby at the age of 40.  But it’s happening…?  No.     because, now a days due to the environmental changes,  life style is changing.  So, at the age of 20 itself some people ...

You also need to eat well to score well

Exams are approaching, both parents and students are undergo a lot of pressure and anxiety during this phase Food can come very handy to not just beat exam stress, but even to score wellTry these few tips-Always start your child's day with a fruit. This helps in ...

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