Kidney stones Treatment

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11 mm stone in right kidney

Dear sir, My father diagnosed for ultra sound scanning and found 11 mm stone in his right kidney. He is not having any pain and discomfort. Do we need to go for surgery or can cure by medicines. Please advise.

Pain in lower left back

Hi, Since yesterday morning I have mild pain in my lower left back. Near my kidney area. It's not that sharp but it pains slightly on movement. I want to know whether it is a possibility of a kidney stone ? The pain is just into that area for now.

Kidney problem

My friend (25) suffering from kidney problem,due to this the blood pressure  is high and fluctuated and bleeding from nose when pressure is high,I am not with him,just need primary guidance,

Pain and itching while urinating.

Iam 37 year old male and married.I've been suffering from urine burn atleast twice in a month.Doctors prescribed zenflox,norflox and citrika .The problem arrested but not permanently.This is severely affecting my routine.

Protein in Urine

Last 4 year taking regular Repace 25 in one time . In Urine protein found in test ++ . I am visiting on Doctor every 6 months , but treatment is same . Is there is risk in future please advice. I have No sugar and my BP is always 75/120 .i monitor my self at Home. I am based in Andheri west .my business is Legal & finance consultantancy. My parameters is normal .i do regular exercise

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World Kidney Day (Wkd)

Why designate a day dedicated to the kidneys?Many people are currently not aware that their kidneys are damaged and they might find out too late. The need for dialysis or transplantation can be avoided if kidney diseases are detected early. Mental trauma and the need for excessive expenditure can ...

Approach to Blood in Urine

Smoky or tea coloured urine can be a marker of blood in urine, medically known as Hematuria. Frank blood may be present at times. These episodes of hematuria may be painless or associated with pain. Sometimes blood may be incidentally detected on examination of urine for some other ...

Some Devastating Statistics About Chronic Kidney Failure in India

Even as we speak chronic kidney failure is taking a huge  toll on  lakhs of families in India. This is unfortunate because kidney failure is the easiest of all organ failures  to manage.  We have dialysis which can replace kidney function to a significant extent and kidney  is the easiest ...

"Khoon Ka Rishta": Why Your Kidneys Are "Bloody" Important

The kidneys are not just about producing urine. They perform many other important functions silently of which we are not aware. In fact in advanced kidney failure, the functioning of  almost any other vital organ like the heart and the brain can be severely affected. But that is for a future ...

The Kidneys And Diseases Affecting Kidney Function

THE KIDNEYS The kidneys are two organs that are located in the lower back, one on each side of the spine. They are about the size of a clenched fist. The Nephron is the functional unit of the kidney and contains a specialized structure called the glomerulus within which filtration of ...

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