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Kidney stones

Hello doctor, i have bilateral kidney stones and have been taking homeopathic medicine for about three months. 14 mm in left kidney and 6 mm in right kidney. The medicine which I am taking are- STONKI by medicores and DROX 23 . 10-10 drops of each bottle combined together thrice a day prescribed by a doctor. It is not mother tincture. Is it right medicine

Swollen ears looks like a allergy

My son ears and eyelids are swollen with some itching can I give him sinarest

Mild hepatomgaly with grade 2 fatty cges

We done ultra sound of my mom its shows "mild liver enlargement (186 mm) with normla counter and parenchymal echotexture is increased". At last it shows mild hepatomegaly with grade 2 fatty changes can any one suggest me what it mean please

Side effects of Ovaral L

I am taking Ovaral L 21 days. Since last few days I am feeling bloated and irritated. I still have four days left. I want to know if I stop without finishing will I get my period early or late or on time.

Report Analysis and medicine prescr

My mother aged 50-53 year has diagonsed with HbA1C diabitic 250Mg. want to treat her with aurvedic medicines.