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Pcos and thyroid

M on allopathy medicines . Now my tsh us undrcontrol. Bt my ovaries shw multifollicles from 8 years in evru scan. Is it dangerous if on treatmnt bt still hv follicles . Period comes regular with medicines . I want sm holistic treatmnt like honeopathy . Is it wrk fr me.bcz i read on intrnt that eltroxin nd birthcntrol pills increase risk of breast cncer. Plz tell me if follicles dsnt disapear with medicines is it dangerous or not . I jst ovrthinked abt this nd m in dipression


Hello Doctor I want to know If the Conium Mac 200 homeopathy medicine is best for gynecomastia reduction. Please advice doctor. Thank you

Fear,lack of concentration and focus ,

My name Is parth and I am 24 year old last year I feel sad and lack of concentration and lack of focus during my study so I went to psychiatrist he told me about depression it is and give me antidepressant(escitalopram 10mg) ...so after a 3 months he reduce dosage and gradually stop it. But after a 2-3 months I started same feeling so again I started antidepressant(escitalopram 10mg)...but now I want to move with homeopathy and Ayurveda medicine ...so what can I do ? which is best between Ayur

Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety

Hello Doctor, I am suffering from chronic anxiety and currently I am under allopathic treatment but it's not helping me much. Is there any treatment available for anxiety in Ayurveda?

Frequent urinantion

Sir after taking the ashwagandha of organic company..m going to urinate again and again before last 1.5 year.. Give me some solution sir