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Kidney stones problem

I have been suffering from kidney stones from past 1 year the size of the stone is 17mm left side. Doctors prefer for surgery but I'm fear of surgery so in homeopathy any chances are there please suggest me

About dibties

Hello sir... m patient of dibties since last one year of type 2 m taking elopatic medicine 50mg/800mg vildagliptin/ metformin HCI but i want to leave elopathic treatment how can i leave elopatic treatment i want to start ayurdvadic medicine IME-9.. plz sugest

Irregular periods

Hi, iam 24 years old and my periods are not regular, they are always delayed and sometimes i don't get it for two to three months. Please recommend me some ayurvedic syrup to make it regular and so that it does not have any side effect.

Need medicines for diabeties and Thyroid

I having 245 average blood sugar . Thyroid under control with 2 points. I am using Glimy M2 and Thyronorm 150 mg.Need medicines for diabeties and Thyroid in Homeopathy

Need medicines for diabeties and Thyroid

Need homeopathy medicines for diabeties and Thyroid. My average blood sugar is 240. I am not in a position to pay doctor consultation fee. Please suggest me good medices for diabetes and thyriod