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Gastroenterologist In Delhi

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MBBS, MD - Medicine, DM - Hepatology

8 years experience


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MBBS, MS - General Surgery, DNB - Gastroenterology

11 years experience


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MBBS, MD - Medicine, DM - Gastroenterology

27 years experience


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MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Gastroenterology

11 years experience


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DM - Gastroenterology, MBBS, MD - General Medicine

4 years experience


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Gastroenterologist in Delhi

Gastroenterology is a branch of medical science that requires the study of regular functioning and any kind of disease related to the stomach, liver, small intestine, or any other body organ between the mouth and anus. As a specialist, a gastroenterologist studies functions of the intestinal organs including the movement and digestion of food, and absorption of the nutrients in our body.

Why should you consult a gastroenterologist?

The digestive system of our body is highly complicated one. Primarily what may appear a simple digestive problem and stomach pain may lead to disturbing complications in the pancreas, liver or might be a symptom of cancer. A consultation will aid a diagnosis at the right stage and thus have more chances of being cured.

What are the types of specializations?

Since gastroenterologist deals with the entire digestive system, including the natural waste from the body, further specializations include hepatology and proctology. Hepatology deals with the study of the organs in and around the stomach and consists of liver, pancreas, gallbladder etc. Proctology deals with the treatment of colon, anus and rectum area. 

How much does a Gastroenterologist in Delhi charge?

On an average a Gastroenterologist in Delhi charges somewhere between INR 800/- and INR 1,200/-. However, the costs of diagnosis and treatment depend on stage of the condition.

Top 5 treatments available at a Gastroenterologist

The common treatments and procedures include:

Colonoscopy – Here, the large and small intestine are inspected by inserting a small and flexible camera through the anus. 

ERCP – This procedure deals with taking visuals of the stomach including a part of the small intestine. However, the flexible camera is inserted through the mouth giving a clear vision of the oesophagus as well. 

Laparoscopic surgery – In this complicated procedure, a small incision is made in the abdomen to insert a camera for viewing. Other surgical instruments may be inserted if required to remove tumours, if present.

Liver biopsy – It is a very common procedure for diagnosing liver-related issues. To obtain liver tissue for lab test, a needle is inserted through the abdomen. It is an outdoor procedure.

Endoscopic capsules – It is an alternative and painless option to the traditional endoscopy, but it requires the patient to be under observation for 8 hours. He will need to swallow the camera in the form of a capsule and wait for it perform its function inside the digestive system.