Urinary Problems


Prostate problem urine re

My father prostate was 86 gm psa 8.6 last year, now it 70 gm and psa 6.6 but his urine has stopped and is on catheter now. Doc after examining said it is hard and suggest for biopsy before TURP now. Other tests are normal. He had angioplasty in 2004 but normal now. Will he have any problem in biopsy.
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Bladder problem

I'm very sensitive to cold and physical exercise. I'm getting a lot of pain in my bladder. I've been thru test and scans, healing with hyaluron acid, nothing helps.
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Urethral Stricture

Hi sir, I have undergone cystoscopy before 9months and I'm doing dilation in home on daily basis. Suddenly while doing dilation it's getting stuck at certain distance, is it symptoms of forming Stricture again? But i could able to urinate, if this is a symptoms of forming Stricture again what precaution can be taken before it gets into worst situation please suggest me what precaution have to be taken and what is the way to cure this permanently... Thanks in advance.
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Pain in clitoris

Every time i urinate it feels like my clitoris is gonna explode, there is very sharp pain for a minute in the clitoria area and lower abdomen. The pain is extreme but subsides in minutes. Mild pain remains in adbomen even after urination.
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Is matrubation weak the urinary bladder?

I have a problem of frequently urination and i just fell that it come out this will experience more when i am in croud i take the medicines from urologist but not effect on my frequent urination i am very scared on my health some of my friends says that this is because of maturbation plz help me what should i do
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Urine RBC 2-3HPF

I got the urine test done recently and the result showed RBC 2-3 HPF. After that I got the ultrasound and X-Ray KUB all result normal. The problem which I have is burning sensation in my urine. I started taking homeopathy medicine and took it for a month and the result came normal. After a month I got the urine test done and the result was RBC 2-3 HPF. Is m really worried and need help.
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How to cure acute pancreatitis pathophysiology

I am a 26 year old man and I have been diagnosed with pancreatitis and I would like to know more about acute pancreatitis pathophysiology. How does one get affected by pancreatitis and what are the possible medical solutions? Thanks!!
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Surgery laperoscopy

Is right laperoscopicadrenalatomy done only by general surgeon or endocrine surgeon? How many days stay at hospital?
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Need 2 knw if all reports r okay or not.

Urine test Result, Protein traces (10.0mg /dL) Pus Cells 3-4 WBC /HPF USG Test Result, ? Bilateral Renal Parenchymal disease.
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Please guide me

Dr I have kidney stone of 1'71 cm occasionally have a pain and vomiting with 90 degree structure occasionally
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