Immunity Problems


Immunity issues

I got into diseases very soon whenever atmosphere changes and everytime i have cold.i m always suffer from disease. i had typhoid and chicken pokes .
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Rubella IgM test

I have test rubella IgM test The result is positive with 132 AU/ml by fully automated chemiluscent method After one week the above test given in onother lab the result is reactive with 3.84 by CLIA or ELFA method I cannot understand the comparison value pls explain by comparison by above reading method
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Mosquito bites

I've been bitten by mosquitos more than 55 times, what should I do? Should I get some medicine or medical attention, feeling little numb around the area which mosquitos bitten me.
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Immunity power decreased. feeling restle

I have been sick very frequently in short time .chest pains . head aces .getting tired very sooner.traveling to a short distance also I get I'll.
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Chicken Pox

Hi I have affected with chicken pox from last 6 days. Now I dont have fever and not feeling itchy. I have heat bumps whole body how long it takes to hide totally? I need to go office. 15 days enough from 1st day of chicken pox???
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Sneezing and runny nose

I've been having sneezing every now and then and also runny nose at times. It seems to be allergy that i don't identify what causes it.
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Urinary Tract Infection

My mother is 57 years old and is facing problems with urinary tract infection. Having burning sensation during urination, along with pain in lower abdomen and back
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Periods delayed

Doctor am 23 years old and have 1.5 old baby. ... my period cycle delayed for 17 days. .. am having a body pain too..
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Stomach ache very frequent

I feel my stomach is bulging out and feel very uncomfortable after eating food. And very often i get vomiting tendency.
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Humira for Crohns disease + throat infec

I am on Humira for crohns disease, recently I have got throat infection. Swab test revealed it as entero bacter. I received azionce 500 mg. It didnt cure it. Now after 28 days the infection has grown and the doctor said that some fungus has also grown. SHe has prescribed the following medicines. 1) CEFIX 400 mg 2) Aerius 5mg 3) Fevadol 500mg 4) Predo ( Prednisolone ) I have read on internet that the combination of Predo and Humira is fatal and cannot be treated life long. Please advice my best options for curing the throat infection.
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