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Spectacle while using Computer

I'm a Computer Science student and usually I use computer for around 8-10 hours a day. I'm having hypermetropia (L: -0.75, R: -1.00), Are there any other specific glasses which I need to use while using computer or just wear my spectacles?
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Right Eye hit by Badminton cork

I got badly hit on my right eye by a birdie(shuttle cork) while playing badminton exactly 5 weeks ago. I went and got immediate ophthalmologist care.  I had blurred vision on first day and in 3-4 days the Blurness went off but I had my pupils dilated due to the impact and doctor mentioned it is due to the trauma. Vision on the right was was impacted but once the blurness went off it improved slowly as I was facing a lot of scattering of light. But I would say even after 5 weeks I still have only come to 70% clarity. I had gone through lasik eye procedure and my eye was perfect till the injury, did not have power. Are there chances I might have gained power and is it because of dilated pupils. Will it improve or is it a permanent condition? Kindly help
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Reading glasses of higher number

Hi, I have been detected with reading number of +0.75 for both the eyes. But I have already reading glasses of number +1.00 of my brother. Can i use the same glasses for me as he is not using that now.
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Need advice regarding cataract operation

Hi, i need a better advice regarding my father's cataract operation cost and lense type we should use generally. What will be approx cost for total Operation.
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Sub epithelial opacities

I had a very bad adenoviral conjunctivitis in my left eye last month, this month I started seeing halos for which I went to see my opthalmologist again. He diagnosed me with sub epithelial opacities of keratitis in that eye which he said were spots left behind after the infection. He prescribed genteal eye drops with moxifloxacin(0.5%) with dexamethasone(0.1%) eye drops bak free (apdrops). He asked me to put 4 times a day for first week and two times a day for second and then stop altogether. I want to know as this is a steroid drop taking this for two weeks can have a chance of me having cataract risk or any other side effects. Please help me as I am confused.
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Mucus discharge in one eye

My kid is 3 yrs old from today evening i noticed yellow sticky mucus discharge from his one eye continously now he is sleeping but still water is discharging and also he is feeling discomfort.
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Cataract surgery lens confusion

Hi, My father has to undergo cataract surgery. We are confused for lens selection. We initially thought of going for trifocal indian lens(tridiff Indian TF), but heard that imported lenses(Zeiss TF) are better than indian lenses. The costing of surgery with imported trifocal lens is double then the indian lens. Please suggest which lens are preferable. Thanks.
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Lasik Treatment

Hello, I have a query regarding lasik treatment for my mother. She is 59 years old so I need to know that operation would be fine for her. Or as there any age limit for this.
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Cure for double vision??

Respected doctor's I wanna know whether prism glasses instantly cures double vision orelse it takes time.if so howmany days prism glasses takes to give relief from double vision?? Onemore thing can a person drive two wheelers with the help of prism glasses
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Prism glasses!!

Respected doctor's I want to know about prism/fresnel glasses and howmuch time it takes for complete recovery from double vision Can prism glasses be tried on a person who nerver weared spectacles?? Please reply 🙏🙏
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