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Cough,hickups or anything

Hello ...my baby cat is almost 8 months old...since a week he makes this voice ( when cats have digestion problem the way the remove voice before vomiting)... But he never vomited..but every day suddenly he starts removing such voice for about 15 seconds and then gets back to normal..is it cough,hickups or digestion problem?what must be the issue...I don't trust any vet in my area...plz suggest me something which can help.

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Confusion iin dog breed

I adopted this from some one but I confused in his breed. can u plzz tell me which breed is this, it will be very grateful of yours.

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Dog breed

I don't know the breed of this dog plzz tell me that because I adopted this dog.some calling him lebra and some golden retriever mix

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Pet bathing

Hello Doctor, In a month how many times I can make my cat to take bath. What shampoo can reduce dander.

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A cat brought 3 tiny kittens in my house in September. They are about 14-15 weeks old , one male and two females. They are since staying at my house. Is any vaccination required for them? The mother has been vaccinated. When can I get them spayed and neutered? How much does it cost? Are there any general precautions regarding their food and maintenance? How do I care for their hygiene? I'm a first time pet owner. Kindly advise.

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Dog neutering

Is there any way to neuter y 8 month male puppy without surgery and is this treatment available in nagpur maharashtra.
Is there any side effects of neutering?
And how much approximately it cost ?

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Infection on eye

I have a parrot and he has infection on his one eye.please suggest me eye drop for it to cure its problem

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Rabbit has a broken claw.

My pet rabbit broke his claw on his front paw. require a rabbit savvy vet to treat him, someone who has ample experience in training rabbits!

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Swollen legs

My dog can't walk because of her swollen legs. She is only 2 months old. She accidentally fell from 1 1/2 feet high

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Weight loss and diet plan

I have required diet plan on daily basis or weekly for reduce my body weight. Request some expects suggestions. I am marketing professional. Traveling daily at least 5 to 10 km. Present food activity's. Morning tiffun. After noon full meals Night tiffun. No excercise Sunday playing football for 15 to 45 minutes.

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