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Hip displasia

Hip displasia or loose ligaments problem in my 6 month old labrador.not able to walk properly.use to sit all time.no craze for going on long walks.bunny hopping

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Canine distemper

Hi , I adopted a 30 days old female German shepherd puppy who unfortunately had canine distemper from the shop I got her from she passed away after 15 days. I wanted to ask as to when is it safe to get another puppy and if it will be safe to get it . It's been 1 month since the last one passed away. Thanks in advance

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Apetite loss & not moving

I just got 2 baby guinea pigs from a local market they were good on first day, eating & moving freely but from 2nd day, one of them does not eat properly and also not moving like the other one it is also not using its front legs to walk, and uses its back legs only it moves its front legs but is not using it if it has to walk and sits silently, whereas the other one plays around and moves freely

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Appetite problem

I have a Lhasa apso and I feed her only Pedigree. She has stopped eating it since 2 days.. What else can I feed her instead of Pedigree, as she is really hungry but doesn't eat Pedigree.

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Dog vaccination

I want to know about vaccinations necessary for Labrador dog.plz suggest me.....................!!!

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Pet Dog bitten

My dog was vaccinated every year, this time he missed it coz he got tick fever. 2days ago he was trying to eat a rubber, I took dat rubber out so he scratched me with his teeth. It didn't bleed. I took a Titanas n a rabis injection. Do I have to take the complete course or one injection will do ?

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My kitten is not eating

My kitten has recently received a pelvic fracture and the vet has confined her to a cage for 1 month. She is not eating much food. What can I do?

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Pet not eating food

Hi. I have a golden ret. female , 1 year old. She is not eating anything. We have tried everything . Otherwise , she is active . Pls suggest

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Low height

I am 26 years old male, 160 cm height and 56 kg weight. I have face so many problems in society because of height. i want to increase my height. Please give me proper solution to my problem.

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Bleeding from nose

My Labrador of age 9 years is bleeding severely from the right nose from so many days. Its not stopping. I have consulted a vet , giving medicine's but its not stopping. Medicines were k stat 250 tablets

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