Treatment of Mental Problems

Symptoms of mental problems range from mild to severe. Hypnotherapy is often opted to seek out the problems causing mental problems in the individuals. Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss is common in human beings when it comes to mental health problems.

Symptoms of mental problems range from mild to severe. Hypnotherapy is often opted to seek out the problems causing mental problems in the individuals. Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss is common in human beings when it comes to mental health proble ... More

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Sir, since last 2 years, I have been depressed and feel very low. Lack of interest. Mind always unrest and keep thinking unnecessary. I know very well what I m doing is not worthsome still I do. I waste a lot of precious time in minor act. I m very in trouble. I feel life got stuck.


I have been constantly feeling depressed .it affects my overall personality. Short tempered for every small thing, less confidence due to feeling of not being normal ,etc


I have heaviness and gridiness in head low concentration lose interest to do anything this effects my studies a lot. There remain stifffness in back and pressure on arms and sometimes fever feeling on back. I get tired very much if i do some work.I fell too much fatigue mainly in lower part of legs and mind totally exhausted with my problems emotionally stressed and weak. I feel feverish when actually i dnt have fever. Sometimes my hands starts sweating. This all happens when i was alone at my place but wen i surrounded by people i feel irriarted.

Am i suffering from ADHD

I am 22 and currently preparing for my Masters. But I could not concentrate on the many courses that I have taken. I could not stick to them even though I love them. I am constantly impatient and want to just move, travel, write stuff. But eventually that I could not do them and I get depression. I am spending more and more time on internet doing stuff I do not need to or sometimes hate to. Out of curiosity I took this test for ADHD at & it gave me a prediction of "Predominantly Combined Subtype of ADHD". I would like to know if I should do anything about it?


He is quite active and tends to do whatever he likes. But when asked to listen he doesn't respond if its not of his liking. Also, if he gets his head on something like a chocolate, he can cry endless for hours till his wish is satisfied.

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12 Steps Towards Happiness

1. Focus on health: the Physical, cosmetic, mental and spiritual health. Be fit, try to look good, feel good and think good!2. Social connectedness: Real and Virtual. Meet people, interact with others, show up and try to have your own circle of people who make you feel good. Do not ...

Negative Thoughts-Get It Out of Your System

Negative thoughts can cause serious damage to your confidence and your decision making skills. They can keep you from doing the things you’ve always wanted to do and from saying the things you want to say. And, well,that’s not much of a life at all, is it?In this world we’re living ...

Common Problems That Lead to Marital Fatigue

Poor conflict managementAllowing conflict to escalateLooking only at the negative (or the perceived negative)Invalidation of one another's feelingsWithdrawing and avoidingUnwillingness to compromiseNot making time to nurture the ...

Managing Mental Health in Times of Demonetization

Demonetization move has taken everyone by surprise leading to sleepless nights, fretful days, panic and anxiety. Needless to say, its the mental well being which is being ignored the most  despite being the most crucial element required to be able to deal effectively with the problems at ...

Bring Back Fire in Sex Life-2

May I remind you that these are only suggestions. You can mould them as per your convenience. The idea is to make you comfortable as a sensual and sexual couple. Please do not try to prove anything to yourself or to your partner. Thoughts like “What if she’s not satisfied?” and “Am I ...

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