Treatment of Mental Problems

A combination of genes, environmental factors and as well as psychological and biological factors contribute to mental problems in a person. The psychotherapies as well as alternative therapies such as music therapies, or behaviour modifications can be used to treat mental health problems. Vagus nerve stimulation can be used for the treatment of mental health problems.

A combination of genes, environmental factors and as well as psychological and biological factors contribute to mental problems in a person. The psychotherapies as well as alternative therapies such as music therapies, or behaviour modifications can ... More

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Cannot put myself to sleep

I am a 25 yrs married female.. as soon as I get to bed my brain starts thinking about activities I did whole day .. and everything else I don't want to think ... I can't put myself to sleep for like 48 hrs at a stretch then I feel weak , nausea, eyes start hurting, urinary infection, breathlessness. Please help what can be done.

I am over thinker

For me it is difficult to take decision in life, I am not able to trust any one, I feel sad all the time

Addiction,Negative mind

We have 2 types of mind conscious mind (10% power) and subconscious mind ( 90% power). When some negative belief goes into our subconscious mind that it takes a very long time to remove that negative feeling. In my case same thing is happening a lots of negative things have gone into my subconscious mind, how to remove that negative beliefs from our mind. I read somewhere in a book that our subconscious mind understands only 1 language that is of pictures or visualisation or imagination. But when I try to visualize my goals I cannot see my goals clearly  with my mind's eye. So my question is first how to visualize with vivid colors after we close our eye so that our goals easily manifest in our life . Second thing when we listen to any song than why does that particular song or music plays in our mind automatically how to stop this. I have addiction of seeing youtube tech videos/ game videos daily 5 hours how to remove this addiction because it is affecting my studies ridiculously.HELP


Constant headaches, i am not happy with my life , constantly feel lonely and sad, i feel that i will not be able to make right choices in life and will always tale wrong decisions and regret, I don't feel confident that i will be successful, i always get suicidal thoughts, anxiety, nauseatic and lethargic, i fall sick very often.

In depression

I am depressed about everything in my life. Sometime I cry when I am alone just to feel light but do not know the reason and it does not help either. Very much pessimist towards everything and not able to concentrate on anything. Really need help!

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