Behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is psychotherapeutic treatment through which people can understand the feelings or emotions that affect behavior. It is commonly used to treat addictions, phobias, anxiety and depression.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is psychotherapeutic treatment through which people can understand the feelings or emotions that affect behavior. It is commonly used to treat addictions, phobias, anxiety and depression. ... More

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Rescue psychiatrist

I consulted a psychologist and she said that my father who is forcing me to get married and threatening me for that can't get cured by her consultation. Just for the sake of second opinion m posting this and asking a question of what kind of help can I get of medical field.


I always stay confused. and become sad by myself only. dont know why. every one who i am close they think i am not well

Negative thoughts

Thank you dr but I want to realised him to their mistake it is possible?? then m free from thoughts

Lottery Addiction

I don't have any control on myself I loose lots of money in lottery gambling I tried to stop all this thing but I don't have any control on myself mostly every thing will stop for 1 month after that I again go to play lottery and I lost very big amount for more that 5 times and after losing the amount I feel like committing suicide then I harm my self by taking overdose of sleeping pills or by taking overdose of Benadryl not eating anything etc etc I want to completely overcome from this addiction want to live normal life. I have my own buiseness of event management 5 people working under me but because of this bad habit my financial balance will disturb and it will disturb me also please help me what should I do I recently loose some of my money that's why feeling so lonely want to commit suicide bui I will never do the suicide I just want to overcome that feeling and want to completely overcome my addiction please help

My brother is very violent

He has no love for the family always thinking of ways to create problems for all family members. Beats my smaller brother. Tries to find out reason to start his violence. He is too strong and violent to stop. We are afraid things don't get worsend.

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Together Yet Disengaged- Are You Living or Dealing With It?

Husband: “I don’t know if I love her anymore. It just feels like I am there because I have to be with somebody. We seem to be living parallel lives. We don’t care about each other at all.”Wife: “We just became busy in our own lives. All that matters is our kid’s future. I ...


AddictionAddiction is a common problem in society. People who take the certain substances regularly may get dependent on it and gradually are unable to leave them. Various addicting substances are: AlcoholStimulantsCaffiene / tea / ...

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a problem that has been noticed nowadays in many teenagers and youngsters. Whether it is at an event or a party, drinking high doses of alcohol in one sitting is known as binge drinking.Binge Drinking in Women Is Different from MenBinge drinking for men is the ...

Stay Calm,they Are the Markers of the One Days Performance!

Take deeper when you receive your results.If you did well as well as wanted,celeberate.If you feel you could not have done better,there are ways to improve.If you arfailed don't worry,it is  a test it will not define the rest of your life.according to some reports ...

12 Foods to Improve Your Mood and Memory

Food is one of our basic and primal needs being living organisms. For so many of us, if we skip a meal or don't get our food on time, it drastically affects our mood. There are millions of humans who do not receive adequate nutrition, this is because our bodies may find it difficult to absorb ...

Dr. Satish Ramaiah - Psychiatrist
Dr. Satish Ramaiah Psychiatrist (MBBS, MRCP (UK), DHE (Addictions - Leeds University, UK), ESRS endorsed certificate in Sleep Medicine (Edinburgh University, UK)) 14 years experience People Tree Hospitals
1083 recommendations Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry)) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
2285 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Naveen Jayaram - Psychiatrist
Dr. Naveen Jayaram Psychiatrist (MBBS, MD - Psychiatry) 9 years experience Carewell Clinic
535 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 850
Dr. Ravi Prakash - Psychiatrist
Dr. Ravi Prakash Psychiatrist (MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry), MD - Neuropsychiatry) 11 years experience Prakash Neurology And Psychiatry Clinic
293 recommendations Mathikere - BEL, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Yesheswini Kamaraju - Psychiatrist
Dr. Yesheswini Kamaraju Psychiatrist (MD - Psychiatry, Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) 13 years experience The Reach Clinic
640 recommendations Koramangala 5 Block, Bangalore INR 1000