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What is Pilonidal Sinus?
A pilonidal sinus is a skin infection in which a small hole or cyst (fluid or pus-filled sac) develops in the skin in the cleft of your buttock
What causes Pilonidal Sinus?
Prolonged sitting or pressure over the area
Friction causing the hair to grow inwards
Inward hair growth into the skin (birth defect)
Family history of pilonidal sinus
Injury or irritation to the skin that has not healed
Lump between the buttocks
Pain redness and swelling
Foul-smelling pus
Blood oozing out from the sinus
Cyst becomes larger filled with pus and hair
An abscess that keeps discharging pus
Pain present while sitting or standing
High grade fever
Hair protrudes out from the sinus
More than one sinus tract is present
Acute Pilonidal Sinus:
  • It is of recent onset
  • It is often at a single site
  • It occurs on the skin superficially
Chronic pilonidal sinus:
  • It develops gradually and does not subside with medication
  • It presents with a cyst or an abscess formation (swelling and inflammation in the pus-filled area with hair and debris)
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Surgical Options
Your doctor will use the following options based on the severity of your condition:
  • Performed in pilonidal sinuses with acute symptoms (mild to moderate)
  • Performed under local anaesthesia
  • A liquid or crystallized phenol is used and the infected tissue is scraped and removed (curettage)
  • Phenol is administered into the sinus for 2 to 3 minutes and then it is aspirated out
  • Phenol causes the hardening of the sinus and helps in closing the opening
  • Performed in case of pilonidal sinus with acute symptoms
  • Performed under local anaesthesia
  • A scalpel is used to open the abscess and drain the pus and clean any debris and hair inside the abscess.
  • A sterile dressing is done to cover the wound
  • Performed in cases of chronic/persistent pilonidal sinus with multiple sinus tracts and recurring symptoms/infections
  • A part of the skin that contains the sinus (by cutting out an oval flap on either side) is removed and the skin is stitched back together
  • Here, the wound heals faster compared to the open technique
  • Performed in case of chronic/persistent pilonidal sinus
  • Involves the removal of the sinus along with a wide margin of the skin around it
  • The wound is not closed with stitches but is left open to heal by itself
  • A sterile dressing is applied over the wound and it takes 4-5 weeks for complete healing
  • The advantage of this method is that there is a complete removal of the infected tissue and a lower risk of recurrence
  • Performed when there is recurring sinus formation or the wound is extensively large
  • Sinus is removed by surgery and the skin is refashioned by taking a flap from the nearby skin
  • This is a 2 to 3-hour procedure and is done under general anaesthesia. You will be required to be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days after the procedure
  • This is a newer technique adopted by many surgeons
  • Different types of laser systems are used in this technique
  • It has the advantage of preventing the recurrence of the sinus which the conventional and surgical treatments lack
In less severe cases, your doctor may use medication and lifestyle modifications to bring relief to your symptoms
  • Antibiotics (broad-spectrum) which will treat most varieties of bacteria
  • Painkillers to alleviate the pain
2Lifestyle Modification
  • You will be advised to shave the hair on the affected area and keep it clean and improve your hygiene
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What happens if you delay the treatment/surgery?
Any delay in seeking treatment would result in aggravation of symptoms and some possible complications:
Pus formation (abscess)
Recurrence of pilonidal sinus
Spread of infection throughout the body
1. Temporary difficulty in passing urine
2. Infection at the site of surgery
3. High fever (100℉)
4. Excessive bleeding from the wound
5. Foul-smelling pus oozing out from the wound
6. Recurrence of the pilonidal sinus
1. Maintaining good hygiene of the region
2. Shaving or using hair removal creams may help in keeping the area free of hair
3. Avoiding prolonged sitting
4. Losing weight in obese individuals may decrease both the occurrence as well as recurrence
Pilonidal sinus surgery is generally performed by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, general surgeon or colorectal surgeon.
Pilonidal sinus surgery is a safe procedure with minimal side effects. It is advised to consult your surgeon about the various surgical options available and their benefits and risks.
When the sinus is not infected, then it can be managed by removing the hair embedded in the sinus and also by taking medications like antibiotics and painkillers. However, for the chronic ones with multiple sinus tracts and recurring symptoms/ infections, surgery is necessary.
You will be recommended to schedule a follow-up appointment after about 1 to 2 weeks from the surgery. Your doctor will examine your wound and advice accordingly.
Yes, pilonidal sinus surgery is covered under most medical/health insurance policies. At Practo, we accept most health insurance plans for the treatment.
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