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Best Lipoma Removal Treatment by Experienced Surgeons
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What is Lipoma?
A lipoma is a non-cancerous, slow-growing tumour or lump that is often situated anywhere on the body between the skin and the underlying muscles.
What causes Lipoma?
It may develop on people who are between 40 and 60 years of age
People who are overweight or obese
People who have diabetes, liver disease, etc.
People with high cholesterol levels
Have certain medical disorders like adiposis dolorosa, Gardner's syndrome (a rare genetic disorder) and Cowden's syndrome (gene disorder)
Have a relative with one or more lipoma (genetic predisposition)
Visible lump
Move easily when touched
Mostly painless; may cause pain or discomfort in some cases
Physical Examination: Physical examination is done to check for consistency of the lipoma, pain while touching the lipoma (tenderness), surrounding skin texture and the size of the lipoma
Histopathological Examination: Biopsy (a piece of the lipoma is taken to be examined in the laboratory) may be done to rule out a liposarcoma (cancer)
Imaging Techniques: Ultrasound, CT/MRI are advised to confirm the diagnosis, especially if the biopsy indicates cancer or to find whether the lipoma is pressing upon nearby nerves/other tissues
  • Most common type
  • Made of white fat cells that provide energy to the body
Angiolipoma: Contain fat and blood vessels
Myelolipoma: Contain fat and tissues that produce blood cells
Fibrolipoma : Made of fat and fibrous tissue
Hibernoma : Contain brown fat cells that regulate body temperature
Spindle-shaped: Have fat cells that are longer than wider in shape
Pleomorphic: Have fat cells of various shapes and sizes
  • Have deeper fat cells
  • More commonly present in thighs and arms
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Surgical Options
  • Performed when the lipoma is small (smaller than 5 cm) and single
  • Performed under local anaesthesia and the area in and around the lipoma will be anaesthetised (numb) so that no pain is felt
  • A small cut is made in the skin and the lipoma squeezed out
  • Performed if there are multiple lipomas or if the size is large (bigger than 5 cm)
  • Performed under general anaesthesia.You will not feel the pain because you will be unconscious during the procedure
  • The surgeon makes a larger incision on the skin and the lipoma is removed with the help of surgical instruments
  • The tissues/cells from the lipoma is removed and sent to the laboratory to rule out cancer
  • Finally, the incision is closed with the help of stitches/sutures and the area is covered with a pressure bandage to prevent bleeding
  • This approach is used to remove small or large lipomas in locations where the scar is not cosmetically acceptable (face, arms, etc)
  • An incision is made and fatty tissues are broken down, curetted and then removed by a needle and a large syringe or a suction machine
Medications have a minimal role to play in the treatment of lipoma removal
  • There is a negligible role of medicines in the treatment
2Lifestyle Modification
  • Lifestyle modifications are not known to have any significant effect on lipomas
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What happens if you delay the treatment/surgery?
Delaying the treatment is not advisable if the biopsy reveals cancer (liposarcoma)
For all other cases where they are small and harmless according to your surgeon, there wouldn’t be any significant problems other than an unaesthetic appearance in a visible part of your body.
Lipomas occur under the skin anywhere on your body. They are mostly seen on your arms, legs, neck, shoulders, back, or abdomen
Small lipomas can be treated with steroid medication. This consists of injecting steroids into the lipoma. Steroid treatment can shrink the lipoma but does not remove it completely.
After the procedure, your doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment after 7 to 10 days for the removal of sutures and check for proper recovery.
In case you experience the following symptoms, you need to consult a doctor immediately:
1. High fever and chills
2. Severe pain in the surgical area
3. Redness, swelling and pus oozing from the surgical site
4. Abnormal discharge or a foul smell from the incision site
5. Opening up of your stitches (sutures)
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