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What is Anal Fissure?
An anal fissure is a tear or ulcer (open sore) of the skin lining the anal canal, extending to the anus. They occur mostly due to constipation and may cause pain and bleeding during bowel movements.
What causes Anal Fissure?
Constipation (most common)
Chronic diarrhoea
Irregular and poor bowel habits
Pregnancy and childbirth
Tight anal sphincters
Inserting objects into the anus
Underlying medical conditions
Infections in the anus/anal canal
Anal tract injury
Anal cancers
Pain while passing stools
Burning and itching sensation while passing stools
Difficulty in passing stools
Tear in the skin around your anus
Bright red blood in the stools or on toilet paper while wiping
Rectal examination with an anoscope: An anoscope is gently inserted into your rectum to check for tears
Sigmoidoscopy: A sigmoidoscopy is used to look at the rectum and the lower part of the large intestine
Colonoscopy: A colonoscope is used to examine the inside of the colon and rectum
Acute Anal Fissure:
  • Superficial tears
  • Short-term (usually resolves within 6 weeks)
  • Can be managed with medical treatment and lifestyle modifications
Chronic Anal Fissure:
  • Persistent deep tears
  • Long-term (lasts for around 6 to 12 weeks)
  • Recurring in nature, and usually needs surgical treatment
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Surgical Options
Your Practo Care doctor will examine you and advise a surgery if there is persistent pain and bleeding, which cannot be treated by medication
  • Performed under general/spinal anaesthesia
  • Only the internal sphincter is cut, not the external sphincter
  • There are two ways of performing LIS -
    • Open Sphincterotomy -
      • A small cut is made through the skin to reach the sphincter muscle
      • Once the muscle is visible, the surgeon cuts into it
      • The incision is left open to heal
    • Closed Sphincterotomy -
      • A blade is passed under the skin to access the sphincter muscle
      • The incision can be closed or left open to heal
      • Preferred for treating chronic (long-term) anal fissures
  • Performed in cases where chronic anal fissures do not heal with LIS
  • Healthy tissues are taken from any other site of the body and are stitched in place to repair damaged fissured skin. This prevents losing control over stools after surgery (incontinence)
  • A CO₂ (carbon dioxide) laser is applied on the fissure, which increases the blood flow to the fissure. This results in faster healing of the area
  • Provides greater control over the surgery
Some cases of anal fissure are managed through medication and lifestyle modificationst
  • Laxatives/stool-softeners - help with easy bowel movements
  • Painkillers - ease the pain
  • Creams/ointments with steroids - promote healing, reduce redness and swelling of the area
  • Botulinum toxin type A medication - relaxes the sphincters
  • Blood pressure medication - promotes blood flow and relaxes the sphincters
2Lifestyle Modifications
  • Consume more fluids and fibre-rich foods to soften your stools
  • Take a sitz bath to relax the anal muscles, and relieve pain and irritation
  • Avoid straining while passing stools
  • Clean and dry your anus gently after going to the toilet
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What happens if you delay the treatment/surgery?
Certain complications may arise if the anal fissure is left untreated
An acute anal fissure may become a chronic anal fissure
A large mass of stool may get stuck in the colon
Permanent skin tags may form in the anal region
Anal fissure surgeries are usually performed by general surgeons or colorectal surgeons.
There may be mild pain associated with anal fissure surgeries, which can be managed by medication. Laser fissure surgeries are painless.
In case you experience any of these signs, consult your doctor immediately:
1. Severe pain and bleeding from the incision
2. High fever accompanied by chills
3. Excessive discharge or bleeding from the anus
The postoperative recovery period may vary from person to person.
1. If it's an outpatient procedure, you will be allowed to go home on the same day. Your doctor will give you the necessary instructions to follow during the recovery period at home.
2. In case of hospital stay, you will be closely monitored and discharged after two to three days.
Cosmetically acceptable
Shorter time is taken for the procedure
Reduced blood loss during the surgery with little or no damage to the surrounding area
Painless procedure, seals nerve endings, and reduces pain in areas
Quick recovery
Anal fissure surgery is a safe procedure and complications rarely occur. However, there are a few expected risks:
1. Bleeding from the site of the surgery
2. Infection in the area
3. Temporary difficulty in passing stools
4. Pain at the incision site
5. Inability to control bowel movements, causing involuntary leakage of stools from your rectum while passing gas
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