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FAQs on Pediatrician

1. Who is a Paediatrician?

2. What is the age range of children which a Paediatrician can treat?

3. Can a Paediatrician perform surgery?

4. What does a paediatrician do?

5. How is a Paediatrician different from a general physician?

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Pediatrician In Bangalore

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Paediatrician in Bangalore

Paediatrician is a trained professional who supervises the physical, behavioural and mental development of children from their birth till 18 years of age. A paediatrician can diagnose and cure almost every big and small medical problem of childhood.

Why should you consult a Paediatrician?

Children should be taken to the paediatrician regularly for routine check-ups, till two years of age. This is required to check the physical and mental growth of the infant. This will also help in keeping a track of immunization records. A paediatrician also guides about the appropriate nutritional and fitness requirements of a growing child. If your child is suffering from any disease, then consulting the paediatrician is a must.

What are the types of specializations?

Some of the sub specialties of paediatrics include: 

Paediatric anaesthesiologists.

Paediatric cardiologists.

Paediatric urologists.

Paediatric developmentalists.

Paediatric dermatologists.

Paediatric neonatologist.

Paediatric surgeons.

Educational Qualifications of a Paediatrician?

To become a paediatrician, the candidate must complete a four year undergraduate degree in a medical school. After graduating as a licensed doctor, they must complete a three year residency program. This residency program should be accredited by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, where they get to work with certified and experienced paediatricians. 

Can paediatricians deliver babies?

No, a gynaecologist delivers the babies and paediatricians are the first one to examine the baby post-delivery. 

Can paediatrician do a surgery?

Only a qualified paediatric surgeon can perform a surgery, that again, only in his/her respective specialization. Generally, a paediatrician diagnoses and treats medical conditions of children.

Can I meet paediatrician before the birth of my baby?

Yes, definitely. It is advisable for parents-to-be to visit a paediatrician so that they can discuss their concerns related to the baby.

What is a Well Child visit?

This is routine visit to a paediatrician, when parents can discuss bout the overall development of their child. 

What is required during the first visit to a paediatrician?

Immunization card, birth record and complete medical record should be carried, during your first visit.

How much do Paediatricians in Bangalore charge?

The general consultation charges of paediatricians in Bangalore range between INR 400 to INR 750/. The rates might increase in case of reference to any specialist. Charges vary for the treatment of different illness, as it depends upon the course of treatment and the dose of medicine. For instance, a paediatric pulmonologist charges between Rs 700-750 per consultation.

Top 5 Paediatric treatments available

A Paediatrician can treat almost all the medical problems in children; however the most common treatments provided by them are:

Neonatology- This branch deals with saving the lives of infants born prematurely or with complications.

Paediatric Cardiology- Here the rheumatic heart disease or congenital complications  of the heart are treated.

Paediatric Surgery- In this, birth defects are repaired, transplantations are performed, and serious wounds are mended.

Paediatric Pulmonology- In this field, all the problems related to respiratory system are solved.

Paediatric Critical Care- All   urgent cases like accidents, poisoning or other emergency situations  of children are dealt with. 

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